Pte George Jackson DCM, 1/4th Essex Regiment.

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  1. Owen

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    In the HMSO book THE TIGER KILLS is a lovely potrait of a DCM winner from The Essex Regiment.
    The book was published in 1944.
    Sadly he was killed that same year.


    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Nationality:United Kingdom
    Regiment/Service:Essex Regiment
    Unit Text:1/4th Bn.
    Date of Death:07/10/1944
    Service No:6021512
    Awards: D C M
    Additional information:Son of Sarah Jackson, of Islington, London.
    Casualty Type:Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference:XVIII, A, 1.
  2. Owen

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    Here's the entry from the London Gazette regards his DCM.
    Gazette Website: PDF Navigator

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  3. idler

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    Owen, you might find this interesting. The attachment is from The Essex Regiment 1929-1950 and reads like B20 but 1943 TA style!

    In the main text it is pointed out that Jackson just missed out on a VC. I presume this was because the only officer witness was wounded and captured (though he did survive and get liberated at the end of the campaign).

    If that's not enough, in July 1942, Jackson also grenaded a gunpit during another patrol. It was visited after Alamein and found to have half-a-dozen graves inside. No gong for that one, though.

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  4. Owen

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    Thanks for that idler, indeed it does read a bit 'Boys Own' doesn't it?
    Or as The Tiger Kills says on page 181 , like a 'Buchan thriller', it also says it was 'told extensively in the press and over the radio..'


    It is mentioned in the history of Fourth Indian Division too.


    Here's his DCM recomendation, as idler says it was for a VC but that is crossed out.


    There are also four witness statements from members of that patrol.
    T/L/Cpl Patrick, W/Cpl Thompson , Ptes Hounson & Sykes.
  5. Drew5233

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    It says DCM (Immediate). I wonder if someone didn't want to wait for it all to be checked and made official so opted for a DCM as it could be awarded quicker for some reason? His citation reads as good as some VC's I've typed up.

    I've ordered a book that is a British Army guide for officers about how to write citations and awarding medals etc. Hopefully there maybe something in there that is a clue...Bit of a bummer for Jackson - I wonder if he or his family ever knew he was recommended for a VC.
  6. idler

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    Regarding Jackson's death, the history has no detail, I'm afraid. On the night of 5/6 Oct 44 1/4 Essex assaulted Tezzo alongside the Nabhar Akal (an Indian State Troops battalion) to 'put out the enemy's eyes' in front of the Gothic Line. From there, the text mentions an axis of advance Sarsina-Monte Petra-La Gondolfo, then jumps to 16 Oct.
  7. Tom Canning

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    Just come across your posting of 7/10/09 - obviously the text is not quite with it shall we say - on 5/6th Oct 1944 - 8th Army was beyond the Gothic Line to all intents and purposes after Rimini was taken on 23 rd September and were in to the Romagna- 10th Indian Div was heading for Cesena (where Smoky Smith of the Cdn Seaforths won the V.C. ) and other parts and so it would be difficult for anyone to "put out the enemy's eyes in FRONT of the Gothic Line"

  8. Jackson DCM

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    I am the great niece of Pte G Jackson DCM and am amazed and proud to be! We have the medal but have never known as to why he got it and where. I have the book the tiger kills now and so will have a read. Does anyone know anymore info than what the book will give?

    Thanks for your help
  9. Owen

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Sorry I deleted my photobucket account so the pic of his recommendation for the DCM went with it.
    You can buy it online from TNA to download for £3.30 here.

    edit: Just remembered I printed them off. I shall scan & edit back into post.

    edit: cheers D just fired up scanner but no need to now.
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    Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.12.14.png
    Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.12.41.png
    Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.13.08.png
    Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.13.20.png
    Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.13.29.png
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  11. Jackson DCM

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    Thank you for all your help - he was obviously a very brave man. It's amazing that we have the medals but never had any idea of how he achieved them. He has the Italy star and Africa star along with the Defence medal, the Great War Medal and the DCM. We also have the issuing paperwork but it does not mention as to why it was awarded so thank you for your time/effort and scans. Even prouder now!
  12. Drew5233

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    Another near miss for a Victoria Cross thanks to Monty.
  13. minden1759

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    Jackson DCM.

    Given that he was not killed until Oct 44, that would place him at Monte Cassino during the Third Battle in Mar 44 when 1/4 Essex had the gruesome task of holding the Castle whilst the rest of the Brigade tried to work its way up the side of Monastery Hill. The Battalion's losses were enormous but they did as they were asked. Impressive.



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