Pte. Albert Stanley Evans, 2nd King's Own Royal Regiment

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    This thread is an attempt to trace the living family of Albert Stanley Evans, who was a Chindit casualty on the 17th April 1944. It is a long shot I know, but stranger things have happened on the site before now.


    This soldier was possibly the friend of Corporal John Davis from Harborne near Birmingham, who was another casualty from the second Chindit expedition in 1944. I will be creating a replica post for John shortly.

    What we know about Albert Stanley Evans:

    He was born on the 8th July 1914, the son of George and Edith Evans from Bristol. According to the 1939 Register, Albert was living with his parents at 7 Crofts End Road, Bristol and was a window cleaner contractor by trade.

    Albert served with the 2nd King's Own Royal Regiment on Operation Thursday and died on the 17th April 1944. He was formerly a soldier with the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry before being posted overseas. He was originally buried at the Sahmaw Military Cemetery, before being moved across to Taukkyan War Cemetery in 1954.

    Albert had a brother, Ronald Edward Evans who was born on the 23rd March 1921 and was a Poultry Farmer presumably in the Bristol area. It is possible that Ronald married a Hilda May Creese in 1964.

    Forum member Tony B, has already furnished me with an image of Alberts grave plaque from Taukkyan War Cemetery. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

    EVANS A.S., Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar-Burma © copy.jpg
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    Is the mother Edith's DOB 2 Jul 1879 on the 1939 Register?
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    25th March 1879 I think it says Maria.
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    There is a family tree for:

    ?? Albert Stanley E Evans
    BIRTH 8 JUL 1914 • 7,Crofts End Rd, St.George , Bristol

    Father Gilbert George ( gen.lab.) Evans (1881-1958)

    Mother Edith Maria Sargent (1879-1960)

    I can contact the tree creator if you wish, note the tree doesnt show a brother Ronald, so unsure how much research the person has done

    Other siblings are/could be

    Frederick E Evans 1911 Oct-Nov-Dec Bristol Gloucestershire
    Edward R Evans Apr 1921 Apr-May-Jun Bristol Avon [Ronald?]
    Gilbert L Evans Jul 1926 Jul-Aug-Sep Bristol Avon


    In fact there are several family trees, we actually presently hold more details than any of the trees to be honest
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    Looks like Albert was born on a Military establishment

    British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920
    Name: Albert Stanley Evans
    Birth Date: 8 Jul 1914
    Birth Place: Bristol
    Age: 1
    Document Year: 1915
    Relationship to Soldier: Child
    Form Title: Descriptive Report on Enlistment
    Number of Images: 9
    Other Records:
    Family Members:
    Name Relation to Soldier
    Gilbert George Evans Self (Head)
    Edith Marie Sarjeant Spouse
    Lilian Edith Evans Child
    Thomas William Evans Child
    Elizabeth May Evans Child
    Henry Alfred Evans Child
    Albert Stanley Evans Child
    Frederick Ernest Evans Child


    If you add the other siblings from the post above (Edward & Gilbert) that makes 8 in total
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    Hi TD,

    Thanks for the work on this. I'll get back to you re: contacting the family.

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    Sorry Steve, I don't have a current subscription for the newspaper archives. Others do, nudge nudge, wink wink.

    Just spotted that a load of Bristol archives have been added and others updated on Ancestry today.
    Recently Added and Updated Collections on Ancestry

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