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  1. skimmod

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    Just thought i would share these photos of the 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers as the prepare to mobilise and travel to France in October 1939. I find it interesting the amount of vehicles they had in a single rifle battalion.

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  2. Gary Kennedy

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    The first picture, with all the transport lined up, is dated 1937 I think? Any chance the 2RSF were operating as an MG Battalion in 1937, rather than as a Rifle Battalion? It does indeed look a lot more like a fully motorised unit than an Infantry Bn with mechanised transport.

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  3. skimmod

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    Yes, it was indeed an MG battalion until early 1937, but their Vickers were mounted mainly in carriers and they also had the towed anti tank guns. This vast amount of MT carried the 2nd Echelon including the stores when they deployed with the BEF.
    They had 55 drivers and 10 Driver mechanics for the carrier platoon going to France in 1939.

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  4. skimmod

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    here is an MT move of the Bn in 1939. a staggering 60 vehicles in the packet! Which doesn't include those going ahead or signposting it!

    if this is a typical Bn, the number of vehicles left behind must have been heart breaking!

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  5. Gary Kennedy

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    The 55 drivers, IC and the 10 driver-mechanics do match with the April 1938 WE for the Infantry (Rifle) Bn. That WE authorised the below MT;

    14 motorcycles
    1 car, 4-seater
    9 trucks, 8-cwt
    31 trucks, 15-cwt
    2 water trucks, 15-cwt
    12 lorries, 30-cwt
    10 carriers

    Also shown on the WE were two lorries, 3-ton, from the Divisional RASC. (My site in my signature link has some more info on the Infantry Battalion organisation).

    The November 1936 WE for the MG Bn had the following MT;

    44 motorcycles
    1 car, 4-seater,
    18 cars, 2-seater
    92 trucks, 15-cwt
    1 water truck, 15-cwt
    15 lorries, 30-cwt

    I tried to do a count of the vehicles in the photo but I'm afraid I can't manage the detail. There do look to be 15 lorries on the rear row, and at least a dozen cars, but I can't fathom the number of 15-cwts on show.

  6. skimmod

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    92 trucks! that's truly a staggering amount of MT!
    they did give some of their MT to the Brigade Anti Tank company for transporting their guns and ammunition, but whether this was prior to disembarkation rather than post, i don't know!
    When i look at my own battalion when i was infantry, we didn't even have a quarter of this amount of vehicles!

    many thanks for all this Gary, very much appreciated.

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