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    Pte. James Moir & musical group Chapel, Cross, Newburgh upload_2023-1-6_21-8-39.png
    Aberdeen Weekly Journal 23rd July 1942
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    Indian POWs Hindus and Sikhs upload_2023-1-6_21-41-37.png
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    First RAF POWs of the war October 1939
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    British(?) POWs Larissa, Greece May 1941
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    Black Commonwealth POWs North Africa with Italian guards January 1941
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    26117 Squadron Leader Sydney Stuart Murray and 39585 F/Lt Alfred Burke Thompson from No. 102 Squadron.

    Most books pertaining to the early POWs make note of Murray's fluent German, although several refer to him as "Philip Murray".

    Thompson, a Canadian from Penetanguishene, Ontario was awarded his Flying Badge at Sealand in Wales in June of 1937. Thompson was the first Canadian captured in WWII and the longest held. He was one of the 76 out of the tunnel at Luft III.

    Postwar, he hung his shingle out as a lawyer. Passed away 7 August 1985 in Penetanguishene.



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    3193559 Pte. J. Kivits, 5th King's Own Scottish Borderers May - June 1940 France repatriated
    Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser 30th October 1943
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    Prisoners returning from ELAS captivity – SS Princess Kathleen, Piraeus Docks, 27 January 1945 (Front to back)

    Sapper Wilfred Bernard Rodwell, A Troop, 2 Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers, captured 11 December 1944 whilst investigating a civilian report of ELAS.

    Gunner John George Robertson, Raiding Support Regiment, captured 13 December 1944 whilst guarding 123 Detailed Issue Depot (DID) by racecourse, Faliron.

    Gunner James Llewelyn Jones, Raiding Support Regiment, captured 13 December 1944 whilst guarding 123 Detailed Issue Depot (DID) by racecourse, Faliron.

    Lieutenant Tryphon Eustathios Kedros, British Correspondents Information Service (BCIS) captured 09 December 1944, details of capture unknown

    Source: Daily Mirror, WO 361-751, WO 32-14549, WO 170-1364, WO 170-1602


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    Chindits released on the Pegu Road 30th April 1945. Previously held in Rangoon Jail since May 1943:

    Chin 45.jpg
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    An unusual angle for this one. Three Japanese medical orderlies who worked at Rangoon Jail 1942-45, shown before their War Crimes trial in 1946 and who were then held at Rangoon Jail as prisoners themselves:

    Miyasaki Iwao 2 copy.jpg Miyoshi Nobou 1 copy.jpg Tanaka Yutaka 1 copy.jpg
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    1946. Japanese pows loading onto LST 1016 and a Japanese with some history. Photos taken by a US serviceman. Original photos from my collection.
    Link to LST 1016 info.
    jap pows LST 1946 (2019_01_08 13_19_49 UTC).jpg jap pows 1946.jpg jap pow 1946.jpg jap pow back.jpg
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  13. brithm

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    Surrey Advertiser 13th January 1945
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    Prisoner of war I.D. photos of Colonel Hubert Zemke; probably the most influential fighter pilot in the USAAF during World War II. In October 1944, Zemke baled out of a P-51 Mustang that lost a wing in bad weather over Germany. Subsequently he was the senior Allied officer at Stalag Luft I. The photo to the left of the mug shots was made when Zemke was released from the Luftwaffe stockade at Barth.

    FORUM 01.jpg FORUM 02.jpg FORUM 03.jpeg
    The Evacuation
    Welcome to POW camp : Stalag Luft 1, Barth, Germany : Budgen, Flight Sgt. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
    Hubert Zemke - Wikipedia
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  15. bamboo43

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    British and American POWs on the outskirts of Rangoon, receive new clothing and rations on their liberation in late April 1945:

    Pegu marchers copy.jpg
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    Sydney Stuart Murray had the nickname ‘Wank’. He was known as ‘Wank’ Murray. He was the SBO’s (Herbert Masseys) interpreter and he was the first to find out about the shootings after the Great Escape.
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    The Parachuting Padre, Francis L. Sampson, a Catholic Chaplain with the 101st Airborne Division. Was imprisoned at Stalag IIA in December 1944. His immediate actions after landing in Normandy was portrayed in the book The Longest Day, although changed in the movie. Father Sam's efforts to have Pvt. Frederick Niland removed from combat inspired another movie called Saving Private Ryan, although the real story had little in common with the Hollywood version.

    Father Francis Sampson POW mug shot.jpeg
    Irish American Heritage Month: The Parachuting Padre
    Francis L. Sampson - Wikipedia
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