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    I still find this collection amazing and the facr stanley signed the book and it survived just blows me away cheers again
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    My Fathers time in WW2 Italy my father 4798694 John Grasby Cpl at the time was Transferred from PG 53 P.O.W. Camp to PG 112 on the 1st August 1942 and after that he escaped from PG 112 on the 10th September 1943 he met up with Sgt Nell and fellow P.O.W.’S they went into hiding on several farms in the Castiglione di Gassino area, and were wanting to join the partisans the partisan Group they eventually joined was Run by Commander ''Barbati''
    Thanks too Vitellino for turning up this update
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    What an amazing piece of history, thank you for sharing
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    Hi, thanks for posting this. It’s a great collection of photos!
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    Thank you. It's become the jumping off point to attempting to write a book about the POW experience.
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    Its a good starter for a huge undertaking and something that many of us were largely unaware of except of course from films.
    Many of these men were traumatised by their experiences in a time when such things were not to be spoken of.
    Hope you achieve your goal!
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    Thank you for your words of encouragement. Started last October and have been ploughing through a huge mountain of POW memoirs, unpublished diaries and letters and first hand accounts recorded by the IWM not to mention all the journal articles and academic stuff I've found. Have a long way to go yet but it's starting to take some kind of shape.

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