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  1. Jacob Fenton

    Jacob Fenton 22 y.o posh-ish Brit from Hertfordshire, England.

    I picked up this game back in September 2018 and have had a blast from the get-go.
    A small community though loyal and growing, Post Scriptum (at the moment) focusses on the events/battles of Operation Market Garden. The maps created for such areas as Arnhem, Oosterbeek, Doorwerth, Driel and so on, are not 100% accurate but take a lot of assests and structure from their real-life counterparts.

    I happen to be a part of a Clan/Group called the 6th Guards Armoured Division (take from the namesake of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade).
    There are other Clans/Groups that take up a large part of the Post Scriptum Community. EASY Company, 40-1, 363. Volksgrenadier-Division, Prinses Irene Brigade, 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment, WF (Westfront) and many others. The 6th GA and the 193rd Gliders have a close-bond and often fight alongside one-another.

    But I digress. If you are interested in a First Person Shooter and to be surrounded (in the majority) by people who know their stuff about WW2, you can pick it up from Steam without it leaving a considerable dent in your wallet.
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