Pipers of The Black Watch 1939-1946

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  1. Hi,

    I am writing a book on the Pipers of The Black Watch from 1725 till 2006
    I have completed research up till 1919 at the moment.
    unfortunately I have found that WW2 is very hard to research now especially with virtually no one left to speak to.
    I have been lucky over the last 20 years to speak to a lot of former soldiers and gained a lot of info from them
    However with 4 Bns being in the BEF 1940, 1 in Greece, Crete, Tobruk..., 4 being disbanded overseas, it is nigh on impossible to find any info in the public domain.

    If anyone is related to, knows of... or has info on Pipers, Pipe music, Photographs, Bagpipes... please contact me on;


    Alistair Duthie
    Pipe Major
    late The Black Watch
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    A cursory search of IWM website for BW Pipe Band + WW2 =
    Search our collection | Imperial War Museums

    Private Papers of J R Grieve
    Category: Private papers
    Related period: Second World War (content)
    Creator: Grieve, John Raeburn

    "Word-processed memoir (46pp, written c. 1996) covering...Black Watch (1932), posting to 2nd Battalion Black Watch, moving to Maryill Barracks, Glasgow (September 1933), being a member of the Regimental Pipe Band, taking part in several engagements as part of the dancing team and moving round the country, posting to Dover Castle, working as a batman, preparing to leave the Army and learning a trade, posting to Chiseldon, Wiltshire (1939), not leaving the Army due to the outbreak of war and posting to Dover Castle with 1st Battalion Black Watch, crossing to France (c. September 1939), moving to Drocourt, Pas-de-Calais, preparing defences, accidental deaths and fights, moving to the front line near the Maginot line with 154th Brigade (51st (Highland) Infantry Division), playing the pipes at gravesides following skirmishes, leave, moving to St Valery (June 1940), being captured by the Germans..."
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  4. Thanks dbf

    I knew Jock Grieve a great wee man, he gave me some gear before he died, He never said he had done any recordings for the IWM?
    I helped PM Roy's daughter writing her book on Rab, Its a must read, a heluva man!!!!
    I will go through all of these as there may be something there I have missed

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    Ah, it might be the same memoir held in their archives.

    It's worthwhile re-checking/searching IWM online collections as they update periodically. I've been researching the Micks since before I joined the forum and there's a lot more now than was previously available, even a year or two ago. (Pity my father is no longer around to ask if he recognised any of the faces.)
    General search terms can be better - in order to home in on particular collections within results, eg Division rather than Regt., etc.

    Best of luck with your research

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