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    OK I now see how to gt a look at these pics but my father Kenneth Harry Stevens not in any of them!!! (The ones he was in were stolen as I said!)
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    Just checked my photo of the 240th's HQ Platoon. I can see no Stevens.


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    The so-called "Woodall Bridge" over the Dortmund-Ems canal, Germany, constricted by the 240th Field Coy, RE led by Co Major W.F. Woodall RE. Evidently, this bridge was built by March 1945. See

    Here is another photo of the 240th's activity. Unfortunately, we have no idea where this bridge was constructed or the date.
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    Just found this Site and would like to know any information thanks. My brother Harry Houghton was the driver to a Major Woodall for several years during the war. According to his Service Record he Joined the Royal Engineers on the 15 Dec 1939. Posted to 217 Army Field coy 20 Feb 1940 Aldershot Disembarked France 1 April 1940 Disembarked England 20 May 1940 Rejoined unit 11 June 1940 Llandudno Stationed at Halton near Lancaster 16 October 1940 Unit changed to 15th Field Squadron 4 Aug 1941 Unit changed to 615 Field Squadron 8 March 1943 Posted to 240 Field Coy 16 June 1943 Embarked UK 2 June 1944 Discharged 1 October 1953.
    I know that his unit did some exercise in the Kyles of Bute but there is no mention of it in his records and there is no records of where he was during his time in Europe
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    l have a photo of the 240th Field Coy's HQ Platoon, which was my father's unit. The photo includes Major Woodall, a B. Houghton and a F.S.Houghton (who was killed in Wuustwezel, Belgium on 21 October 1944). Are these Houghtons related? Do you know which Platoon your brother was in?



    PS You might want to enter 240th Field Company as a search term on this site to find the other pages on the 240th Fld Coy on the site.
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    Good pics,
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    Thanks for the prompt reply. My Brothers name on the Army records was Henry but he was always known as Harry. Unfortunately I don't know what Platoon he was in. I have looked at the photo on this site but can't recognise anyone and I have tried to enlarge the photo without success. It is possible that the B Houghton could have been misspelt on the photo. Harry survived the war so the poor soul F S Houghton who was killed at Wuustwezel was not him and is not a relation. One other bit of info I can remember was the Unit suffering several casualties while Stationed at Halton Lancaster practicing Bridge building prior to the invasion of Europe, apparently heavy storms caused the river Lune to flood with strong currents that washed away the Bridge they were building.
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    Hi These are the war diaries covering his service in WW2. Drop me a private message if you'd like me to copy any for you.

    WO 166/3686 217 Field Company. 1939 Sept.- 1940 Mar., July - 1941 July

    WO 167/973 217 Army Field Company Royal Engineers1940 Apr.-June

    WO 166/3978 15 Field Squadron. 1941 Aug.- Dec.

    WO 166/8394 15 Field Squadron.1942 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 166/12108 240 Company1943 Jan.-Nov.

    WO 171/1600 240 Company1944 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 171/5517 240 Company1945 Jan.- Dec.

    WO 171/9398 240 Company 1946 Jan.- June

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    Thanks Andy ,I have sent you a PM.
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    Does anyone know where I can obtain a Film or Video of the 240 Coy in action liberating a town (Tilburg I think) in Holland.
    I know that there was at least 1 made because on the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of several towns in Holland my Brother was invited to attend the celebrations as were any ex service men living in Holland.
    On one occasion the operational unit of the 240 Coy built a replica bridge to commemorate the anniversary of the Liberation and my Brother who had been the Driver to Major Woodall met up with him again. At the event Major Woodall presented his war Diaries to the Coy and the Town was given a Video of the actual fight to Liberate them which had been translated into Dutch it showed the Germans defending a Timber yard.
    I would dearly like to get a copy of the English version of this video.
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    The 240th's War Diaries show that the guys were in Tilburg (Holland) from 12 November-14 December 1944. Just Googled liberation of Tilburg and come up with a short Pathe film without sound at which shows (apparently) a Scottish regiment with CO wearing a kilt (Royal Scots Fusiliers?) being welcomed. Also pictures of Nazi collaborators being rounded up and Allied troops and hardware. If this is not what you want, I suggest trying to locate a local Dutch historian in Tilburg, starting with the local museum.


  12. vinty

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    Thanks John unfortunately this is not the film that I saw in Holland.
    The one I am looking for was made by an Army cameraman and shows the actual fight for control of the Timber Yard which the Germans occupied, I think it was the Scots Guards Armoured Division that were involved and you saw some of them falling wounded..
    I have an idea that the 240 Coy were the bridging outfit attached to the Scots Guards.
    I will try to get in touch with my Brothers children in the hope that they still have a copy of the one Translated into Dutch.
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    240th Fd Coy RE Challenge Cup presented on 4 Jan 1926 for proficiency in musketry by J Scott Inglis Esq JP

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