Pictures from Stalag IXC - Bleicherode Salt Mine

Discussion in '1940' started by Craig51, Dec 14, 2017.

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    I was looking at your photos and some of your funeral photos are the same as my cousin has. We have been told that they were of the funeral of my Nanna’s brother, Lachlan Brown, who died as a POW. I also have a copy of another funeral photo that I didn’t see in your photos. I have a copy of a photo of a postcard that was sent from Stalag IXC to my Nanna in 1942 which has his POW number on it. My grandparents moved their family to Australia in 1953 so we have very limited knowledge of our family history. A5DD9483-9D43-4A1C-9789-5253940B65C2.jpeg 98C589C7-4453-4FA9-A45E-B4069568161E.jpeg 67AAFF48-4A5B-4A1B-8289-686581F33C72.jpeg
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    Steph, Thank you for posting your photos. It is particularly poignant to see them at this time while our society is grumbling about a few months of "lock down" from Covid 19. Many of these men spent 5 years as prisoners without any idea at the time of whether they'd ever get out or survive.
    In your last funeral, my grandfather, CSM Neil Hamilton is at the right hand side, wearing his beret. he was fortunate in that he survived the war and lived well into his 80s. Neil
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    Thanks for in into Steph - It's useful to know more about the photos and their origin. I think quite a lot of the smaller communities in Scotland were devastated by the losses and many moved to Australia post war.

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