Petrol for homes without electricity?

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    As a finale: Aldbourne Band of Brothers - Search Videos

    Cant go without a reference to the British 67th Field Regiment who were billeted there in 1939. Embarking to France in January 1940.
    The veterans returned many times but no one filmed them.

    Regimental Headquarters was set up in Ramsbury.
    The Bell Hotel being chosen from where Lt Col Hobson could look out from the ground floor bay window with a clear view of the High Street.
    The Crown and Anchor became the 266 Battery Officers Mess D troop Command Post occupied Parliament Piece E Troop Crowood House and F troop the Manor.
    265 Battery was billeted in Aldbourne where their guns were parked in the grounds of The Old Vicarage which was used as Battery HQ. The Gunners were accommodated in huts, barns, stables and Ms Todd's Church Rooms. Band of Brothers Report 1 2019.pdf

    The Americans built huts turning the villages into Army Camps.

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    You can search the UK Parliament website, but that produces vast numbers of returns for "petrol + rationing + 1939" many of which are modern references. You cannot sort the returns by date.The old site I knew as "Millbank Hansard" had an excellent search engine but it ceased for some reason. There is an old explanation here of work on digitising the Hansard archive.

    HANSARD 1803–2005

    "UPDATE 6/7/2018 is now serving the same Historic Hansard content as this site. It also provides a similar search experience to the one previously available at"

    Searching Trove, the Australian Government digitised newspaper site, can bring similar material to British newspapers, without subscription, because Australian newspapers often repeated British newspaper content. You can also correct digitised text on the site, if you sign in.

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    Good idea. I've found the British newspaper archive website very helpful previously so I'll probably go that route eventually. Thanks!!


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