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    In 1994, nearly 25 years ago, my brother and I made our first trip together to Normandy on our WW2 motorcycles (taking us 3 days to get from Holland to Normandy). Since then we have been back, with or without motorcycles, every 5 years and are now of course preparing for this year's events. As part of my preparations after 25 years I have now finally managed to digitize the photos we then took.

    What I would like to know now: who's on them?! At present I can only identify Staff-Sergeant Jim Wallwork and Major John Howard (and Madame Arlette Gondree).

    Most photos attached were taken on June 5th, 1994. We had the privilege and tremendous luck of running into, I believe, all six glider pilots involved in the attack on Pegasus Bridge, and to have a brief chat with them. A few hours later we also saw Major Howard and of course many more 6th Airborne and other veterans during the official commemorations. Next day at Arromanche was also unforgettable. About that I also still remember I was quite upset about the veterans there (thousands of them!) having to stand on the wet sand while the Queen was driving past comfortably and standing dry, I believe in a Land Rover. It was a great time with most veterans being in their early seventies and easy to approach, or even approaching us because of the motorcycles...

    I could not resist also to add some photos with the motorcycles, on the way to Normandy in Ypres, with some veterans in Bayeux (of anyone knows their names...) and of myself at Arromanche, taken on June 5th, 1994.

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    Hi 8RB,

    Wonderful photos thank you for sharing. Here are a few identifications, correct me if I'm wrong.

    Photo 19 - Sgt. "Wagger" Thornton to the left with cane in each hand, also seen in other group photos. Sorry I don't know the other Ox & Bucks man to right.

    Photo 20 - S/Sgt. Geoff Barkway GPR

    Photo 21 - Beside Jim Wallwork on left is S/Sgts Peter Boyle and Geoff Barkway pilots of No.3 Glider at Pegasus Bridge.

    Photo 24 - To the right of Wagger Thornton and just behind is Ted "Ham and Jam" Tappenden.

    Regards ...
  3. 8RB

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    Hi Cee,

    Many thanks for your reply and information. Great to know that also Ted Tappendam is on one of these photos!

    Kind regards, Ronald.
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    These photos take me back but sadly most of the vets in Normandy in 1994 have left us , many thanks for posting them
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    All photos "1994-r3-19" to "1994-r3-29" (in post #1 above) were taken shortly before and during the briefing for the official commemorations later that afternoon, which included a helicopter landing - 3 of them - at the spots where gliders no. 1 to 3 had landed (almost) exactly 50 years earlier, a march across the bridge, lead by Major Howard, and speeches by Jim Wallwork and Arlette Gondree (photo "1994-r4-03") and others.

    I have attached to this post two more photos: of the helicopter landing ("1994-r03-34") and a photo giving a better view of two glider pilots during the briefing (to the right of "1994-r3-23"). If any more names could be found that would be wonderful.

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  6. 8RB

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    To give this thread a bump: any chance of finding additional names for those on 50 years Pegasus Bridge Anniversary photos above, or maybe there are photos out there from other members to add of the same event?!
  7. Jane Barkway-Harney

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    20 - is my Father S/Sgt Geoff Barkway DFM. 1st pilot of the third glider. Landed in the middle of 1 and 3

    21 - is Wallwork, S/Sgt Peter Boyle ( my fathers co-pilot) and my Father

    Lovely to see these xxx
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  8. 8RB

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    Hello Jane, Great you saw them and you like them! An honour to have (very briefly) met your father and his comrades. And welcome to the forum of course!

    Greetings, Ronald,
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  9. Jane Barkway-Harney

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    Thank you. Hope to see you at Pegasus Bridge in June xxx we are having a glider pilot regiment service on 7th June at 11am at dad's landing plinth
  10. 8RB

    8RB Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I may well be!
  11. 8RB

    8RB Well-Known Member

    Hi Jane, Maybe if you are in touch with any (families) of the other Glider Pilots, could you ask if they recognize anyone on these photos? I am especially thinking of the other Glider Pilots on photos no. 23 and 24.

    Kind regards, Ronald.

    PRADELLES Well-Known Member

    No Royal Engineers of the 249th Coy RE were present on these pictures.

    Hello Jane.
    I am very happy to see you here.

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