P/JX144531 Sidney Thomas Mallett - RN POW but where/when captured?

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  1. AB64

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    Just going through some of my paperwork tidying up POW details and for this gent I'm struggling to find any circumstances behind his capture - I'm sure I did a lot of digging about a year ago and half think I found something but if I did I didn't record it



    mallet pow letter.jpg mallet pow letter 2.jpg mallet pow letter 3.jpg
  2. timuk

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    Serving on board HMS Glowworm. 8 April 1940 HMS Glowworm rammed the German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper and sank. 111 crew killed, 39 taken POW.


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  3. AB64

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    Great stuff - he gets a mention here HMS Glowworm but I'd never have found it without the ship name to narrow it down - cheers

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