Original WW2 Official US Navy Photos of B-29 Superfortress from my collection.

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    The tail marking has a triangle with what looks like a 10 in the center.
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    Indeed a puzzle, however an answer is offered:
    From: https://www.reddit.com/r/aviation/comments/ryno6m/i_know_this_is_a_b29_from_ww2_but_im_trying_to/

    Plus a comment:
    The information appears in a book 'The B-29 Superfortress Chronology, 1934–1960' by Robert A. Mann; which is available online and search using Tail code X Triangle 10. It appears to be a factory marking.

    A brief history of the formation: 9th Bombardment Group and 1st Reconnaissance Squadron - Wikipedia

    Just to make matters difficult tail codes could change, as they did with the famous Enola Gay.
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    Thank you David very kind of you to take the time to get the info
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    Thank you so much for all the info!
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    These are some original WW2 Official US Navy photos from my collection. The photos are of a B-29 Superfortress. Based on the triangle tail marking, from what I could find, the photos would have been taken at North Field (Tinian airfield in the Mariana islands). I could be wrong though. I couldn’t find much info on this specific B-29 in regards to what group it would have been apart of. I also have the original negatives that go along with the photos as pictured.
    FDC7362B-D7FA-4079-87DF-696B7F62E91C.jpeg 88AC79CF-F1BD-41FF-BFBF-D02DE2C0C010.jpeg FA8609CB-23B3-452F-9A31-38848D307537.jpeg 1F5C0708-2C75-4EFC-8498-3E1E928E5D83.jpeg
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    Yeah I thought so. But someone found another that had a triangle 10 so I couldn’t say with certainty that this was that exact aircraft unfortunately.
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    What was the source for the negative ID then please? That aircraft's squadron / formation was based on Tinian throughout it's wartime service.
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    I think Jeremiah may be correct, that this may not be the right plane….

    In the History of the 313 BW, 9 BG, 1 BS……..I found a one of the missions that the aircraft David identified in his original post. You can see the aircraft “Tail Codes” were “X” and “TRIANGLE:” and a “NUMBER” (in this case 10.

    I found a site that gives a picture of the physical Markings of the 313 Bombardment Group, and you can see the X and Triangle and Number were all SEPARATE on the tail fin. And the “X” identifies it as the 9th BG

    The aircraft in the photo clearly has a 10 INSIDE A TRIANGLE…….so I don’t believe 42-24853 is the correct aircraft

    Target: Moen Island Airfield No. 1, Truk.

    Thirty-one planes of the 313th Bomb Wing’s 9th Bomb Group were up, all bombed. Time over target 1057 to 1133, altitude 29,500 to 30,700. Weather over target 8/10 to 9/10. One early return. No fighters, inaccurate AA. Average bomb load 10,000 lbs. Average fuel reserve 1,000 gallons. No losses.

    42-24791, 313BW/9BG/1BS, The Big Time Operator. Tail code X Triangle 04. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24796, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Dotties Dilemma. Tail code X Triangle 16. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24820, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Daring Donna III. Tail code X Triangle 46. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24822, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Patches. Tail code X Triangle 18. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24831, 313BW/9BG/1BS, God’s Will. Tail code X Triangle 02. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24840, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Queen Bee. Tail code X Triangle 03. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24853, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Live Wire. Tail code X Triangle 10. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24856, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Goin Jessie. Tail code X Triangle 30. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24859, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Tokyo-KO. Tail code X Triangle 17. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24875, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Lil’ Iodine. Tail code X Triangle 07. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24900, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Old 900. Tail code X Triangle 37. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-24913, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Thundering Loretta. Tail code X Triangle 13. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-63509, 313BW/9BG/99BS, Long Winded. Tail code X Triangle 38. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-63511, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Man O’ War. Tail code X Triangle 01. Msn 27 to Truk.
    41-63512, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Nip Clipper. Tail code X Triangle 23. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-63544, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Cox’s Army. Tail code X Triangle 26. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-63545, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Umbriago. Tail code X Triangle28. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-63546, 313BW/9BG/99BS, Indiana. Tail code X Triangle 44. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-65283, 313BW/9BG/5BS, The Big Wheel. Tail code X Triangle 33. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-65285, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Sad Tomato. Tail code X Triangle 22. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-65286, 313BW/9BG/5BS, Dinah Might. Tail code X Triangle 09. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-93886, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Kristy Ann. Tail code X Triangle 06. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-93888, 313BW/9BG, Unnamed. Tail code X Triangle 21. Msn 27 to Truk.
    42-93893, 313BW/9BG/1BS, Unnamed. Tail code X Triangle 12. Msn 27 to Truk.
    Serial Number and Name not known, Bowers crew. 313BW/9BG Msn 27 to Truk.
    Serial Number and Name not known, Tutton crew. 313BW/9BG. Msn 27 to Truk.
    Serial Number and Name not known, Welken crew. 313BW/9BG. Msn 27 to Truk.
    Serial Number and Name not known, Hardgrave crew. 313BW/9BG Msn 27 to Truk.
    Serial Number and Name not known, Johnson crew. 313BW/9BG. Msn 27 to Truk.
    Serial Number and Name not known, Fulton crew. 313BW/9BG. MSN Msn 27 to Truk.


    So I went looking for Tail Code like in the photo……..so far all I have found is the diagram below……..which you can see is LETTER’s INSIDE THE TRIANGLE…….


    So still looking……….

    Having OLD EYES, does anyone spot any other coding on this aircraft………

    FINALLY, I’m trying to find out if the AMERICAN’s re-used the Aircraft Codes (like the Commonwealth did) on aircraft the were lost or went out of service???…….anyone have info on that??

    Army Air Forces: B-29 Superfortress Tail Markings

    USAAF unit identification aircraft markings
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    I am new on this forum.

    Could it be #42-94007, 9th BG, 1st BS before the repainting to Circle during the month of April 1945?

    Source: The B-29 Superfortress Chronology by Robert A. Mann


    Finn Buch
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    Thank you for all the helpful information!

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