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  1. Christian Fletcher

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    Going through Kevint's new "pre-ww2 veicles v 7" I went back to "Following the Tanks - Cambrai 20th November - 7th December 1917" bu Jean-Luc Gibot & Philippe Gorczynski, 1999.

    It has very comprehensive listings of all the Tank Battalions - 'A' to 'I', giving vehicle and Bn numbers, vehicle commanders(and many other crew id's) and the names of tanks.

    Has anyone else gone though this book? There are some differences between it and Kevin's list - and a deal of extra information. Not being an expert (and never having gone to any source documentation) I would like to know how much credibility I should give to the information before I type up a lot of info for Kevin.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Chris C

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    Isn't that book supposed to be the holy grail as regards to information on the battle? Not my area of expertise at all.

    Taking photographs of the pages would probably be a lot less work than typing it up.
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  3. stolpi

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    I've visited the Cambrai 1917 battlefield this early summer and searched in vain for the book. Even got in touch with the author, but he ran out of copies. The book has been out of print for a long time.

    I certainly could do with a photocopy!! :)

    For an impression of my visit: Cambrai tank
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  4. KevinT

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    Hi Christian,

    The Pre and Post WW II Tank and Vehicle names are compiled mostly by Dick Taylor, I compiled the WW II list and there are no doubt errors in that.
    I do recall that there used to be a WW I tank list online somewhere and perhaps some of the names / details came from there. Like all lists of this type are bound to have errors of some sort, if there are any corrections you can advise of please feel free. The more contributors the more accurate.


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  5. Christian Fletcher

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    Thanks for the responses. It's not a good book to scan - because it's very tightly bound and doesn't lie flat (without breaking the binding!) and it's printed on hish quality gloss paper. If anyone can tel me a trick to actually photoing such I would appreciate it! As it is, I'll just plod along and pass the differences between this book & Kevin's list so they can be discussed and evaluated!!
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