Operation Frankton December commemoration

Discussion in 'Special Forces' started by ABH1493, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. ABH1493

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    My uncle was Marine Robert Ewart who died on the Operation. Other years there has been a commemoration in Bordeaux on or about December 7th. I attended with my father in 1999.
    Does anyone know if there is to be one this year, it was usually held at Chateau de Dehez near Blanquefort
    Bob Ewart
  2. Christophe T.

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    Hello Bob,
    Old Thread but for this Crazy Year I can find about it on the net... Sorry... Last Year There is... I Hope next Year it will be again...
    I'm too far away (Near Dieppe) to pay them a nice tribute but one day I surely go there for a nice Remebrance...
    Sorry for Your Uncle but THANKS Them for all They done for our today !
    We Will Remember Them !

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