Online: Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

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    Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps. An Archive from 1903. A monthly publication.

    Most/all editions have a The "Corps News" which appears as a separate section at the back of each monthly edition, which covers aspects such as promotions, gallantry awards etc

    The content of the Archive is searchable, so you can search by surname, place name or any keyword you are interested in.

    There will probably be articles published post WW2 which refer back to WW2

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    Thank you Maureen a valuable resource

  3. bamboo43

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    Thanks Maureen,

    A very useful resource. I found information on 3 of the 8 Chindit 1 Medical Officers within the files, plus the various Chindit related papers.

    As you say, there is a lot more on offer though, such as papers on Gurkha health. I'm interested in the Falklands War at the moment, so I'm off to search for papers in relation to that.

    Thanks again.

  4. hutchie

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    Thanks for posting this. I do ww1 medical living history and this is a very interesting resource

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