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    Looking for location and details of ATS OCTU especially one located near Edinburgh.

    Why were ATS being sent from the South up to Scotland?

    Thank you
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    Many thanks just what I wanted to know. I am interested in the ATS who became radio operators in the Special Duties Branch of Auxiliary units. I wondered why they were sent to Scotland when their GHQ was in Hannington Hall, Wiltshire.
    Do we know the address in Edinburgh or if there are any photographs?
    Thanks again you have helped me a lot.
  5. travers1940

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    IWM have a photograph of a parade in 1941 at the Edinburgh ATS OCTU & location is given as Craigmillar.

    Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 17.49.13.png
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    Why has the nearest girl got a shoulder flash but none of the others have?
    I have a photo of the shoulder flash but not sure how to get the URL

    Sorry - I found how to do it. Why aren't they alll wearing the flash

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    As well as being the only one with the shoulder flash she also is the only one without a solid bar on her shoulder strap, instead having either two seperate "pips" or some type of seperated bar. I understand that the solid bar on the shoulder straps of the others could reflect their hat band design reflecting their cadet status.

    So is the nearest ATS lady either part of the permanent staff and of officer rank, or a cadet with extra responsibilty such as cadet squad leader.

  8. Bala

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    Many thanks very useful comments. I have received one other - "That only PERMANENT STAFF" wore the OCTU Officers School shoulder flash.

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  9. travers1940

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    She is at the end of the row which on parade would be a fit with being an instructor/nco in charge of an intake of ATS cadets.


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