Normandy 1944, 187th Field Ambulance RAMC, 49th Infantry Division, Polar Bears

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    Hi, I'm trying to trace more accurately my Dad's steps between 1940-46. He was in the 187th Field Ambulance RAMC. I have photo's that he ttok from his time there, and I evan have a Christmas Menu from Nijmegan 1944 signed by all the lads. I also have quite a lot of photo's that he took when Winstan Churchill visited them in Iceland uring 1942. Does anyone else have a similar interest here or can direct me to where I might find some more detailed information, particularly of the Normandy campaign.
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    Hi David and welcome.

    Please post your photos here as we would be very interested to see them.

    I went to Belgium a couple of weeks ago to see the 65th Liberation commemorations for the 49th Polar Bears Division in the area of Rijkevorsel.

    There was a Veteran there from that Division (he is the Gent wearing the Sash in the centre of the photo) who served in a Field Ambulance unit, but I don't know which one. I'll e-mail my contact in Belgium to try and find out if he was in your Dad's unit.

    Have you applied for you Dad's service record or looked at the war diaries for his unit?

    Regards - Robert

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  4. DavidLamb

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    Thanks Robert for your prompt reply. As you can guess, I'm new to this. How can I apply for my Dad's service record and get access to the war diaries?
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    Hi David and welcome to the forum....We'd love to see the pictures :D

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    Dear David,
    My dad was also in the 187th Field Ambulance RAMC. His name was John Tiplady and he was originally from County Durham. I know that he spent some time in Iceland before landing in Normandy on 12th June 1944. I have the same Christmas menu - black and white with an illustration of Nijmegen Bridge on the front and 24 signatures inside. If you find out anything, I would be pleased to hear from you.

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    Welcome to the forum, if you require a copy of the book Paul
    suggests, try the tank museum, they had copies at a cut price, if not
    pester your local libaray.

  8. John L Dixon

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    I have just seen these posts regarding 187th Field Ambulance. This unit was part of the 70th Brigade Group which is the subject of a Memorial History Website at

    The point has been reached in loading material where I have started to document and upload the unit's War Diaries and Manpower returns to the Website. This will take some time (I have only just finished documenting the Brigade HQ and all three Infantry Battalions so am now starting on the supporting units) but I would be delighted to hear from relatives of those who served in this unit - do please get in touch at

    As researchers will know, it is illegal to upload images of the War Diaries, as they are copyright to The National Archives - these have to be transcribed and that is a slow process.

    The aim is to give families the opportunity to share information and learn more about the work done by the Brigade. Iceland has been mentioned in these posts and I have now made several trips there, including visiting nearly all the Brigade locations.

    I look forward to hearing from those interested in 187 Field Ambulance - a most neglected unit in history terms - we are trying to put that right!

    John L Dixon
    70th Infantry Brigade Researcher
    North East War Memorials Project
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    Hi John

    I had a quick look at your website, very interesting. I wondered if you came across in your research in Iceland where the 69th Field Artillery were stationed? My Grandfather served with them so interested if you had this information.

  10. DavidLamb

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    Hi, I'm back on the forum after such a long time. I've been sorting through so many things including my Dad's stuff. He was 187 RAMC during ww2. I've got so many photographs as he was a keen photographer. From Iceland and Churchill's visit and photographs in Normandy and Holland. I've got the signed menu from Nijmegen Bridge Christmas 1944 and his first uniform flash with the bear facing downwards. Anybody interested?
    David Lamb
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    Very interested in anything related to their initial battles in Normandy up to the end of July 1944. Thanks.

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