No.3 Commando Thomas "Tommy' Grant

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    Just trying to find out a bit more about the above person. Very little is known about what exactly he did in the war, other than he was in the above unit and was in Operation Claymore. He also took part the Combined Ops on d-day which is on a website. If anyone could elaborate with their expertise any additional information, I would be very grateful. Tommy was born in 1921. Looking at No.3 I see they were also in North Africa, which might tie in with the picture below with him holding a snake. I would be interested to know any more detail about this unit and also what it achieved on D-day and afterwards. Unfortunately I have no other pictures of him to help. Thank you

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    If you've not trawled through already, here's a pretty good place to start.

    No 3 Commando | ͏

    Good luck with your searching.

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    Ahh! Forgot about that one! I came across this a few years ago, looking at another unit. Thank you. Just what I needed!
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    Thank you. Easier to read than the actual diaries on the National Archives! Nicely summed up, thanks.

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