New Zealand Prisioners "Disappear" from Dachau

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by 7mark, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Just checked through the NZ official history website but can't find any hits for the word Dachau.

    Trying for the words concentration camp only reflects a few hits and mostly for treatment of personnel & civilians in Greece.

    More research needed I guess


    The reference in the first document in the chain to Sturmbannführer Cill is probably Sturmbannführer Egon Zill (Egon Zill (born 28 March 1906 in Plauen - died 23 October 1974 in Dachau) was a German Schutzstaffel Sturmbannführer and concentration camp commandant. Zill was replaced in April 1943) From Wikipedia
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    yes there seems to be no info on this at all
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    Have you any idea who Gren. Vaclav Krejci is? as he is the witness
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    Very interesting, first I have heard of it probably along with most NZers.
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    I'm like Clint and never heard of it. I'm following this one closely.
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    Never thought this could ever have been unreported, I came across it accidentally in the National Archives in Kew, statement came from a german POW who was deemed reliable. Actually I see no reason for him to lie. If they were there and lived they would have reported it when released which hasn't been done. Maybe its just one of those horrors that will never have an answer.

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    Dual threads only dilute themselves, mate.
    Just say which forum you'd prefer this one to be in and I'll move it.
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    I would say this one as there maybe more experts, but needs to be in other one too.... catch 22 question
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    I've merged the threads to the PoW section as it's busier, and left a permanent redirect in the Holocaust section. that ought to do it - though I do eventually flush all redirects after a period.
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    cheers von poop
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    have the document attachments been removed?
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    Maybe they "Disappeared because they saw too much!!"
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    I have update this post after coming across the documents i scanned in 2012 at national archives.
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    Hello 7 mark,

    Which file is all this information in?

    I was very interested to read about Sgt. Edwards, and Stokers Holt and Robertson from HMSubmarine Saracen. All three had been captured and put into Perugia Civil Gaol before being transferred to Dachau and Buchenwald.

    I have a copy of Stoker Robertson' s liberation report in which he mentions a Czech who acted as interpreter for the camp commander at Buchenwald and whose name was Rada. He managed to get Holt and Robertsomn transferred to Stala XVIIIC.

    I'm going off-track here as the thread is about the New Zealanders. Have you looked at the CWGC site for NZ deaths in Germany, Poland, Austria for the summer of '42?


    You could also try this: Archway :: Item Full Description
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    I have no idea where it originally came from, I never took note of the file, I did find in Kew though

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