New medal for outstanding seafarers

Discussion in 'The War at Sea' started by Roy Martin, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. Roy Martin

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    New medal for outstanding seafarers

    A friend has just sent me this. I see that, according to the muppets in Whitehall, only 20,000 merchant seafareres were killed in WW2. Perhaps it's a sick joke?

  2. Hugh MacLean

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    The medal is certainly genuine and will have an 'Order of Wear'. Unfortunately, our shipping minister, like many politicians do not have a clue about the losses suffered by the Merchant Navy during WW2.

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  3. Billy McGee

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    As of 2014 the medal will replace the one I received at Trinity House in 2011, which had been issued by the shipping industry since 2005. The initial idea was to have this medal officially accepted and Lord West made a speech in regard to the medal being the only one outside of campaign and bravery medals being awarded to Merchant Seamen. He stated he was putting this award forward to the Honours Committee in the hope of having it accepted and receive and order of wear. Obviously they have gone one better and decided to issue a totally separate award.

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