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    Dear friends and history enthusiasts,

    I am thrilled to introduce you to a new book created by my friend, military artist Igor Donchik. The book is titled "Panzer Camouflage" and is dedicated to the camouflage schemes of Wehrmacht equipment during World War II. The first volume has already been published, and the second volume of the series will be released from the printing house soon.

    Panzer-Camouflage-Vol-1-Book-03.jpg Panzer-Camouflage-Vol-1-Book-01-optimized.jpg Panzer-Camouflage-Vol-1-Book-10.jpg Panzer-Camouflage-Vol-1-Book-04.jpg

    The first book consists of 128 pages and features a plethora of drawings of various German equipment, including tanks, self-propelled guns, and motorcycles. Each chapter of the book is devoted to a specific Wehrmacht division.

    I hope you find this book intriguing and choose to support a talented emerging artist by purchasing your copy. The first volume's print run is almost sold out, but there are still about 400 copies available.

    You can order this book in our online-store

    We are sincerely grateful for your support and for enabling us to continue publishing historical books on the topic of World War II.

    Best regards,
    Deniss Ignatjev

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