Need help with handwriting query of Scottish place name.

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  1. temptage

    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    Ive been finding out where my local men actually died before ending up buried in my local Cemetery but this one has me foxed....well....half-foxed

    The last 3 lines are


    but the first 2 lines have me flummoxed.

    I thought it said Bargellackie Leomichael but any searches for those words draw a blank.

    He was Royal Artillery but was attached to the H.Q. 51st Div also, which I believe was based in Scotland. Forres is very close to what was RAF Kinloss so whether that has anything relevant, I dont know.


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  2. Owen

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    What about Craigellachie ?
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  3. Tony56

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  4. Pete61

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    I also think it is Craigellachie it is near Forres.
  5. tmac

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    That's a GR and a not a B at the beginning of the name. Craigellachie for sure.

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