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    I have visited Germany in August 2018, traveled and researched dozens of historical sites and now want to share a series of artless with you, devoted to the Second World War, the Holocaust, The Third Reich, and the Nazis. My first among the closely interconnected materials is devoted to the Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg. An open-air museum, witnessed the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, the proclamation of the Nuremberg laws. In this detailed article, I have researched each of the Nazi Rallies and each of the site of the historical importance, you visit today.

    In this pilot GERMANY series of articles, I would be grateful for your feedback and hope, that days and weeks on travel-research-writing would be interesting and meaningful for you. Travel your own history.

    Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg: Walking tour

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    A passage back in history.

    The Daily Mail could not have done better for they reported on all the Nuremberg Rallies,the only British newspaper to do so.

    Received attention by the RAF in the psychological war against the Third Reich and it's ideology. It was selected the venue for the post war Nuremberg War Tribunals.

    As an attack on the German war economy, along with Augsburg it was a important centre for the MAN engineering concern which turned out diesel machinery for the U Boat arm and diesel engines for the Wehrmacht
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    However unpleasant and upsetting, it's better to know about this history. To warn of the consequences.
    But who will listen?

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