My Type 99 Arisaka with early Type 38 Bayonet

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    Here's an Arisaka I bought in the mid 1980's. I've never fired it (yet) but the guy I got it from did. I remember he said something like, "Around here we call these deer rifles."

    It doesn't have the monopod or anti-aircraft sight common to early war production but the quality is still quite high except for some rough areas on the stock. It looks like either the tool was getting dull or they were going too fast and the cutting tool was chattering a bit. Not bad though and the rough spot on the pistol grip almost looks like checkering. Wood looks like mahogany to me. The only metal tooling marks that I see are on the outside of the extractor. Not bad at all. I'd guess mid war production and I don't think it was ever issued. Some of the late war examples I've seen are truly awful and were not even fitted for a metal butt plate. This one has had the Chrysanthemum crest ground off of the receiver, probably at the warehouse.

    The bayonet I have for it isn't in as good a shape. It is early war production as indicated by the hooked hand guard, metal scabbard (missing frog) and bright rather than blued blade. I want to restore it but I'm not sure how to go about it yet. I think the blade will clean up nicely with some oil and very fine steel wool. I don't know what to do with the handle though. I'd like to clean it up and refinish it to match the rifle stock. What do you folks think. Any suggestions?




    Typical chrome plated bore. Excellent feature.


    Ground crest to save face for Hirohito typical of equipment being surrendered


    Example with Chrysanthemum. Not mine. They are easily double the value as collectors but this one has holes drilled into receiver to make it non firing. Also commonly done.




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    Thanks for posting that.
    We're very poor at Japanese topics on here.
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    Dave I would leave it.It shows the use/wear the weapon has received.

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    I know what you mean. I think that most of the wear and crud is post war though from just being neglected in some basement or attic. It isn't original to the rifle. I'll ponder some more on it. Truly blessed to have 'first world' problems like this. :)
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    TBH, we've been a little thin on small arms recently too.
    Come on 'Murcans - show us your guns. (& others, obviously, but, y'know, you do tend to an above average level of them)
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    Please start a new thread for each weapon & leave this one for the Arisaka.

    I moved the Colt chat to a new thread.
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