My book-buying "problem"

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    Found at a Tesco charity bookcase : " 6th Guards Tank Brigade: The Story of Guardsmen in Churchill Tanks" by Patrick Forbes published by Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd. No date, assume first edition. Cover has been used as a drinks coaster: whisky ? A bit grubby, but kept in dry conditions before today, paper browned but rather good condition, as plates and maps. The "Roll of Honour" ( killed, wounded) is sobering.

    Gd 1.jpg Gd 2.jpg Gd 3.jpg Gd 4.jpg
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    644pp by a Dutch publisher but in English. Published 2012 and slide under my radar until now. Seems to contain a lot of first person accounts from Dutch personnel.
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    My latest arrival, the artwork is excellent. This book adds to my collection of books on the Queen's Bays and the descendant Regiment the Queen's Dragoon Guards, following the former's amalgamation with the King's Dragoon Guards in the 50's.

    QDG Cover.jpg QDG Title.jpg QDG Artwork.jpg QDG Photo.jpg
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