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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    I'm not sure of a source for this one...


    But some refs, say "24th Lancers" - although also August 1944.

    Edit - The picture above - 24th Uhlans (Polish 24th Lancers).
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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    [​IMG] Looking to build a Sherman Firefly model to add to a memorial clock to my Gt Uncle Cyril Brindley KIA 9th to 10th June 1944. The tank body will turn on a turntable to show the hours on 17 pounder shells while the tank turret/gun will turn to indicate the minutes. The turntable will turn once per 12 hours to show the tank from all angles.

    The clock is in very early design phase and I am working on the electronics/mechanical parts of the turtable.

    I am looking for a 1:35 scale model that includes 24th Lancer decals. If anyone has built a kit with 24th Lancer decals would they let me know the kit make etc. Also I need the turret to rotate so could anyone advise on how the turret is fixed to the tank?

    Prototyping in progress with black turntable base and central shaft to rotate the turret.
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    The lower one of these two -


    Asuka 1/35 British Sherman VC Firefly – The Tank Museum (

    British Sherman VC Firefly, ASUKA Model 35-009 (2015) (

    & there often seem to be lots of these about including on ebay, amazon etc too.

    A Sqn., 24 Lancers, 8 Arm. Brig. T148495
    June 1944 World War 2»Operation Overlord»D-Day - Normandy

    Though - Tank losses of the 24th Lancers in Normandy – June and July 1944

    C Squadron markings might be preferred? I think that those are "there" because there are the markings for a "C Sqn. HQ, New Zealand" = so it might be possible to mix and match.
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    Thanks for the fast reply. I will take a look at the links and download the instructions to get an idea what I am dealing with. Thanks for the links I have a copy of None had Lances and also have been reading The battle of Tilly-sur-Seulles online to trace the movements of my Gt Uncle. His father my Gt Grandad still had the original letter confirming his loss. All this and more on Cyril Brindley's page Cyril_Brindley_14293501 - very much a work in progress.
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    Thanks to the information from Ramiles I now know my Gt Uncle was in a standard Sherman not a Firefly.
    So my next question is how do I know what Tanks were issued to the Squadron/Troop etc. Is there a list of tanks on record?

    From None Had Lances P53-53 I have found they were issued with M4A1 petrol, M4A2 2x diesel. I note external armour added to the turrets P54. Then P60 states all vehicles haded over to the 3rd Tank regiment. P60 states Apr 44 new Sherman tanks arrived as well as new 17-pdr Shermans. P61 states 3 17-pdr Sherman were used as a single troop rather than 2 Shermans and a 17-pdr in a troop.
    The book does not say what varient the new Sherman were. The picture on P79 shows a welded hull and 3 piece gear box cover. I cant see the design on the base of the gun barrel due to waterproof sheeting.

    From various photos online there seems to be a mixture of types.
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

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    That looks like an M4A2? US figures but I don't have to use them and it's half the price of the Asuka I was looking at. I will prob have to make my own decals what ever kit I use. Thanks will check out youtube videos to see if there are any differnent parts to that kit.

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