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    If i would intend to build a full scale 1:1 replica of a tank or Armoured car, how accurate would my calculations be if a took the measurements from a 1/35 scale model and times them by 35. Would i get a near approx measurement to the real thing or is this method way out. Would it be best to measure the real thing or better still find the original blue prints.
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    If you are using a scale model you first need to establish how accurate the model is in the first place. If it is just a tiny bit off you will be magnifying the error by 35 times. Also many 1/35 kits are simplified often to make moulding easier. At 1/35 this is often imperceptible but would be obvious in full scale. The original drawings always best
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    Would it not be simpler to get the full scale measurements of the vehicle you are going to build
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    There's a rather brilliant Panzer 3 on the show scene that was built with measurements from a Tamiya kit onto a 432 base.
    Chatting to the blokes that did it, they were talented welders that could obviously think by eye & hand. Looked right, even though they weren't overly bothered with detail accuracy.

    It used to have a little website that's sadly now defunct.

    Words that warm my heart. :rolleyes:
    'If', eh?
    Go on. You know you want to.
  5. At least one guy is building his own 1/1 scale tank, although not by upscaling a 1/35 model:
    Armour Dreams - MLU FORUM

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    There is already a full size replica of the Mk IV Male tank which replicates the error in the sponsons in the Emhar 1/35 kit
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    These days you can probably accurate machines drawings for your vehicle on the internet.
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    Was just gonna say it's quite likely the 3D modellers have done most vehicles by now. Some remarkable work out there.

    Afv Free 3D Models download - Free3D
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    First things first. If you're up-scaling from a 1/35 model then yes, you can times all measurements x 35 to get close to accurate measurements for the 1:1 model. However, the caveats are that you must first ensure that the 1/35 model is accurate and you should also be aware that a 1 mm error at 1/35 scale is a 35 mm error at 1:1 scale (or just under an inch and a half gap).

    If your vehicle/tank is in the Bovington collection then you can contact the Librarian at the Tank Museum and ask if they have a Plans Pack for that particular vehicle/Tank. If it's British then the chances are they will have a full set of plans which they will provide to you (at copying cost) in A4 paper format and from those you can probably get a better scale than you would if you were working from the model. You'll also get a better idea of how parts go together. However, you should be aware that not every drawing in the pack will be to the same scale and so you should be prepared to do some research on individual components to ascertain actual 1:1 dims and compare these to dims of drawing to work out scale of each drawing.

    You will need a graphics program and a scanner (or even just photographs of the plans) for this but the good news is that you can probably do most everything in a cheap copy of Photoshop Elements!
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    287FDEA4-7A29-43CE-AD23-6E4B1B55A425.jpeg Thanks guys for your advice and help. The reason i asked about scaling is that i usually build a lot of things in the reenactment world which are hard to come by and is fun to make. But finding the drawing with measurements are the hardest part unless you have the actual item to work from in front of you or can pay a visit to a museum to take measurement from the actual thing, which means a couple of visits, as you can guarantee that you alway miss one or two measurement out you over looked.
    I wanted to have a go at a 1:1 Renault FT WW1 tank, inspired by some Polish guys who built 3 for a Polish war film quite impressive, I enquired into the way they made the vehicle but they did not want to disclose the drawings for the build. I looked into it and it was a cake walk for me to do as i have Engineering skills in fabrication and machining and have friends who can help if i come across a problem ie i dont have the machinery big enough to tackle certain jobs. I thought about Bovington but their FT is a prototype cast hull which is difficult to make but can be replicated but in the long run factory drawing are a much easier way to get started because you can crawl away for hours taking measurements which you never get all. When i have asked at museums for plans or blueprints i usually get offered line drawings with an overall size height and length and not plate sizes that make up the body of the tank, really need a factory pack to first make a 1/4 scale model to see if there are any difficulties and then onto the full size in wood sheet to start.
    I have been looking at these Russian guys who have been really ambitious who have built a full size Tiger tank and small light rare Russian and German tanks and here . I was thinking of a Crusier A13 which when examinig the body stucture is just a basic shape and is quite basic without the track guards etc. I will have to try and see if Bovington has a factory pack with measurements rather than a vehicle pack showing stowage and line drawings.
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