Military citations for the Battle around Minturno, January 1944

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    My grandfather fought and died around Minturno as part of the York and Lancaster Regiment in January 1944. I have been to the National Archives and now built up an extensive collection of war diaries for all of the 5th Division war diaries during this month and learnt a great deal in the process.

    However I would like to see if I can find anything else more about the battle. I have citations gained by various individuals for the York and Lancaster during this battle and the Green Howards but I would also like to read a copy of any for the KOYLI if anyone has any copies, the Scots Guards + any other regiments in the area at the time.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Couple of primers - DSOs.....

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    Many thanks Richard. That is exactly what I was looking for. Do you or anyone else have any citations for 2 Scots Guards during this time period?
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    Go through the WO373 (?) medal citation files if you want to carry out as thorough search.
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    a few more KOYLIs..

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    Those for 2 Scots Guards for January - February 1944:

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    First attachment - DE Dimbleby is my Grandfather! Only found this website over the weekend while attempting to track his exact location where he got this medal so i can visit later in the year! Great to read about others in is Battalion
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    I have several for the 1 York and Lancaster regiment from here but can see some more on Geoffs ww2 engine. They are


    If anyone has any of these I would also be super grateful


  10. bexley84

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    your lucky day...

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  11. PeterM

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    Many thanks for all of the assistance.

  12. PeterM

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    Does anyone have the complete collection of citations for the Green Howards in this period? I have the one for Private Murphy on the 22nd January 1944 but no more. I am aware there were some for Captain Roberts, Maddox, Major Tanner, Lt. Col. Bulfin, Roche, Archer, Cpl. Peel, Sgt Sissons and Pte Gilbert.
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    I sent John the citation for Lt Col Bulfin.

  14. PeterM

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    Many thanks.
  15. Gary Tankard

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    You can download the citations for free from TNA - (50 a month) while it is shut due to COVID-19:

    All 1 Green Howard awards for Italy:

    WO 373/11/384 5347680 Private Sidney Shaw Military Medal 19 April 1945
    WO 373/4/521 4384537 Serjeant William Clive Lambert Military Medal 09 March 1944
    WO 373/4/522 4390075 Corporal Thomas Pears Military Medal 09 March 1944
    WO 373/5/98 4388054 Private Albert Hill Military Medal 04 May 1944 Folio: 183-184
    WO 373/6/285 31884 Temporary Lieutenant Colonel Patrick George Bulfin Distinguished Service Order 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/326 95264 Second Lieutenant Arthur Robert Milton Tanner Military Cross 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/327 121775 Lieutenant Edward Simpson Roberts Military Cross 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/365 4386986 Corporal Henry Robinson Distinguished Conduct Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/373 4386724 Serjeant Francis Michael Roche Bar to Military Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/406 4384274 Serjeant Harold Sissons Military Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/407 4386933 Corporal John Robert Maddox Military Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/408 7047557 Private John Murphy Military Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/409 4387058 Private Robert Peel Military Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/410 14508415 Private Herbert Christopher Archer Military Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/411 4395171 Private Edward Gilbert Military Medal 29 June 1944
    WO 373/6/577 4345586 Lance Corporal Stanley Gibson Military Medal 20 July 1944
    WO 373/7/424 64593 S/Captain Richard Gregory Hewitt Distinguished Service Order 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/444 51914 S/Captain Conyers Stephen Scrope Military Cross 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/462 12918024 Private Edward Arbuthnot Distinguished Conduct Medal 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/488 4388644 Corporal Harry Woodall Military Medal 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/489 4392868 Corporal Alfred George Churms Military Medal 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/490 4387748 Corporal Harold Dixon Military Medal 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/491 4394951 Corporal John Tierney Military Medal 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/492 14598284 Private Charles Gill Military Medal 21 September 1944
    WO 373/7/493 14660562 Private Vincent Oldham Military Medal 21 September 1944
    WO 373/72/962 4387766 Serjeant Arthur Pearson British Empire Medal 19 April 1945
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    No matter what I do I can't amend the above into a more readable format.
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    Great, I have now found all of the records. The Sergeant Roche record was very interesting for me.

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