Message in a Bottle. Auschwitz.

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by von Poop, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Cheers Adam,

    It's a shame they do not give more details about the prisoners though.

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    At least two survived the Nazi camp, an Auschwitz museum official said.

    I wonder if they can track down the two survivors or their relatives?
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    A similar thing happened when builders were working at Sachsenhausen. A bottle message had been left by one of the inmates who failed to survive.

    There is a tribute in the main information area of the museum shop.

    Sad stories to read.

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    Very interesting to find. I wonder what is actually written on the note.
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    BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Audio-slideshow: Auschwitz in decay

    An interesting information clip on the state of the camp today - something which the EU should consider spending some funding on , God knows they waste enough on an awful lot less deserving causes.

    The fencing off of the gas chambers 2 and 3 is to be regretted but it is understandable , some "revisionists" when news of this filters round will no doubt have their own take on it.

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