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    My mum messaged me last night to say that her brother was going to pass on a medal grouping to me that once belonged to their uncle. I’m guessing she felt I might appreciate them as I’ve done a lot of work researching the family tree and her two grandads who served in both wars.


    Anyway, give the news I decided to do a bit of digging to see what I could find out.

    Alfred Ernest Patey, born Alloa, Scotland 21/11/1926.

    From what I gather he was in the Merchant Navy and I was able to find a medal card using the National Archives search engine which also gives what I assume is his service or discharge number. His dad has the same name and was in the Royal Marine Light Infantry just to add some confusion.


    I tried searching the Board of Trade files using his surname but drew a blank. Any ideas where I might be able to find out more? By the looks of his medals he had a busy war and, given his birthdate he must’ve been very young. From what I know he emigrated to Canada and possibly lived on an Indian Reservation for a while but my mum is a bit sketchy on his story. She is going to ask my Nana who might know a bit more but she was just a nipper during the war.
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    Is this the same man as DoB is 2 years later than you are showing ??

    Medal listing of Patey, Alfred Discharge number: R328353 Date of Birth: 21... | The National Archives
    Reference: BT 395/1/75903
    Medal listing of Patey, Alfred
    Discharge number: R328353
    Date of Birth: 21 November 1928
    Date: [1946-2002]
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew


    You mentioned Canada
    Canada, Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current
    Name: Alfred E Patey
    Birth Date: 1926
    Death Date: 2000
    Cemetery: Forest Glen Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Forest Glen, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Has Bio?: N
    Spouse: Roberta Ima Patey
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    There is a transcription error by TNA. Preview of Medal Card shows it is the same as the one in #1.

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    You need a copy of his CRS-10 service file from the 1941 to 1972 Fifth Register of Merchant Seaman's Service. These records are held at The National Archives at Kew in classification BT 382. They are held in block by surname and each file holds the records of up to sixty individuals and would require a visit to Kew unless you want to pay their outrageous fees. His service file should be held in file “BT 382/1389” covering the surnames ”Paterson Wallace to Paton P P” These file details include the following information: Name of seaman, Date and place of birth, Discharge (Seaman’s) book number, Rank, Details of the ships on which he served. These include: Name of ship and official number, date of engagement. Date of discharge whether ship was a foreign going of home trade vessel, and records in some cases National Insurance contributions. Details shown in these records are similar to those contained in an individual seaman's discharge book.
  5. Chris C

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    Once you do get ship names, if they were in convoys you can turn up an enormous amount of sailing information on the ConvoyWeb site. I was able to trace my grandfather's wartime travels almost all over the world.
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    Thanks folks. I might see if Drew or Psywar might be able to copy those Board of Trade files. I have some family research stuff I need to look out as I think there might be a ship name mentioned. I’ll post it up if I can find it.
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    According to the papers I have he served on the MV Batory from 7th April 1942 to April 1946. After he emigrated he worked on various military bases the last of which was CFB Cornwallis where he worked until retirement in 1987.

    More on the Batory here
    MS Batory - Wikipedia
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    That link took me here Arnold Hague Ports database

    Absolutely brilliant. Thanks Seroster.
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    The Wikipedia article on the Batory is correct, but for two. Dunkirk was one of the few evacuations'landings that she was not involved in and she was the pride of the Polish Merchant Navy, not their Navy. Incidentally the Polish National Treasure was saved from Bordeaux by the small Polish ship Chorzow. Another Gydinia America Line ship was the Sobieski, she and Batory lifted 9,000 from the tiny French port of St Jean de Luz, a day or so before the Armistice came into force. A third one of the line, the Chobry, was lost in the Norwegian campaign.
  10. Hugh MacLean

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    His main MN file (CRS10) is as posted by Billy above but also get the following file copied BT 372/824/79
    It is his seaman's pouch R328353 PATERY A 21/11/1926 ALLOA | The National Archives you will note the surname is incorrect but his Dis.A number is the same along with his correct dob.
    The pouch can be hit or miss - some have lots of information, some do not but there is usually an ID mugshot photo in there.
  11. Billy McGee

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    The ships Movement Cards for the whole of her service in WWII for the Batory are held at Kew in BT 389/3/201 and can be downloaded direct to your computer for £3.50 at the link below.

    Batory Movement Cards
  12. Incredibledisc

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    Thank you very much Billy that’s going to be very helpful to my research.

    P.s. good name - I’m a Billy too!
  13. Incredibledisc

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    Hey Drew5233 fancy finding a couple of files for me next time you’re at Kew? Would give you a break from all those War Diaries :D

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