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  1. Excerpt from my fathers movements in 1940 as a POW. He was wounded and captured at Calais May 1940 .
    Captured, he was sent to Stalag VI A (Hemer) via the Dulag VI A in Cologne.

    From Liège, the "melung" list of October 21, 1940 mentions who arrives at Stalag VI A on August 24, 1940 from Dulag VI A. (According to the archives service of the city of Cologne, this Dulag would be located on the location of the Cologne fair) My father was in captivity, at Stalag VI A (Hemer, near the city of Dortmund. his POW number was 42921 .

    Does anyone have any information on "melung" lists, which I think are something to do with CICR or Dulag VI-A
  2. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Could it br the German words Meldung Liste or message list

  3. Could well be Stefan , the translation can mean short message or situation report
    Article says
    "Extract from melung 421 of 21/10/1940 (305 prisoners)" I think these were list issued by CICR tracing prisoners movement. I've tried contacting the Red Cross but they are not taking queries until May of this year
    Thank you for your interest

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