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    hi, did battalion medical orderlies wear the insignia of the RAMC ir the battalion they were a part of? Thanks.
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    In the case of the Parachute Regiment they would wear the RAMC beret badge and shoulder title along with Airborne insignia. The man in the photo attached from a battalion photo could also be wearing the green epaulette loop of 7th Para?

    7th Battalion (L.I.) The Parachute Regiment-RAMC.jpg

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    I should add the RAMC man above is a member of a PFA (225th) whose section was attached to the 7th. I don't think men from the Battalion trained in first aid to provide additional medical support would wear RAMC insignia if that is what you are asking.

    The Wellcome Llibrary has material on the RAMC some of which can be downloaded under "view online". Try "RAMC Equipment" for example. Noticed a syllabus for an RAMC Training School on there as well.

    Wellcome Library | Home

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    The Paras might not be a good example to go by? It just occurred to me some of the men wearing RAMC insignia in the Battalion photo may well be conscientious objectors. Also found a Sergeant who wore the insignia of the unit he was posted to without a nod to the RAMC. So maybe it's more a matter of personal choice with NCOs - confusing?

    Conscientious Objectors ParaData-2.jpg

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    The Medical Officer (MO) and possibly a trained NCO would be RAMC attached to the Bn. however the Stretcher Bearers were from the Bn. and badged accordingly (often the Band who had no place in the wartime establishment). Medical Orderly is not a Battalion rank or role.
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    I can do no better than refer you to the excellent Trux threads for the composition of an infantry battalion.
    "There was also a Medical Officer's orderly who was provided by the Battalion and acted as driver and general non-medical assistant".
    Infantry Battalion
    There is also reference to unit medical orderly here: BBC - WW2 People's War - Medical Orderly

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