Medals to WOII R MacDonald QOCH

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  1. Rob Bulloch

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    These miniatures are attributed to the above soldier. The two medals on the right one has an Australian bar and the other Queen Elizabeth's head I can not find these ribbons in my meagre medal books, could someone please identify them for me Thank you in advance Rob B.

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  2. Bruneval

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    The second medal from the right looks like the Long Service and Good Conduct medal.


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  3. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Medal on the extreme right could be Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal - Wikipedia

    Better closer images would help

    The second from the right looks as thoug it might have another band/colour but is covered by those either side of it

  4. Rob Bulloch

    Rob Bulloch Member

    TD thanks for the post. The ribbon is correct, but the medal in the set the Queen in not wearing a crown, Sorry about the size of the photograph I will try and alter it. Cheers Rob B.
  5. Rob Bulloch

    Rob Bulloch Member

    Bruneval. Thank you for the reply could you say why it has Australia on the top bar? I will try and get a better photograph posted Thanks Rob B.
  6. Marcus H

    Marcus H Active Member

    The last medal on the right is the Australian Meritorious Service Medal.


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  7. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Sounds as though there is an error then - better images I think are needed - if we could see the heads we could date them better

  8. Rob Bulloch

    Rob Bulloch Member

  9. Rob Bulloch

    Rob Bulloch Member

    I am trying Lads Rob B.
  10. Rob Bulloch

    Rob Bulloch Member

    Thanks for your input Marcus. Cheers Rob B.
  11. bamboo43

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    Well done Marcus:

    n_885.jpg Aus3.jpg
  12. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    Quite right. And 'Australia' because he was, or at least was then, in the Australian Army.

    These subsidiary titles were "Regular Army" on the bar of the medal for the British Army and the name of the dominion country on the bars of the medals for Australia, Canada, India and New Zealand. Apart from the bars, all but one of the medals were identical. The Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct (South Africa), introduced in December 1939,

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  13. Rob Bulloch

    Rob Bulloch Member

    Thank you to all the members who posted. Now! When I took the medals out of the frame to get a better photograph a small bit of paper was stuck onto the back it said WO2 2927087 R MacDonald QOCH ? (With Australian Medals) Military Medal Gazette Date 11th Oct 1945. MID Award Gazetted 28th Feb. 1946.I purchased these years ago as QOCH medals simply for the MM then of course they were put away and never thought about until I was doing some clearing out. I know when I bought them they were attributed to R MacDonald MM. who was supposed to be a member of the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders. Thank you all for your help. Rob B.
  14. 51highland

    51highland Very Senior Member

    2927087 R. MacDonald was a CSM with 4th Battalion and was taken prisoner in 1940. He was RSM, 1st Battalion 1946-1947. Have 6 results on Find my past regarding pow info but the site is playing up at present. The Gazette has him as corps of royal enginers 28th feb 46 for his dcm. supplement 37484 page 1170.
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  15. 51highland

    51highland Very Senior Member

    Finally got fmp working, Posted missing 5th June 1940. updated to POW. Held in camp O9A Spangenburg Bei Kassel Germany.
  16. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: R Macdonald
    Rank: Warrant Officer Class 1
    Army Number: 2927 087
    Regiment: Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
    POW Number: 6951
    Camp Type: Oflag
    Camp Number: IX-A
    Camp Location: Spangenberg, Hesse
    Record Office: Infantry Record Office, Perth
    Record Office Number: 16

  17. Rob Bulloch

    Rob Bulloch Member

    TD. Tim. Bamboo43. Sorry for the tardy reply! Thank you all very much for the brilliant information, I will re-frame the group and add the pertinent information regarding WOII. MacDonald. Regards to the Forum Rob B.

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