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Discussion in 'General' started by Philippa_Spurr, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Philippa_Spurr

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    I am trying to track down my grandfather's Distinguished Flying Medal. Sgt John Charles Thompson was a flight engineer for 44 Rhodesia Sqdn.

    The medal was sold out of our family unknowingly and I am desperately trying to get it back.

    If anyone come across this medal or has any information please do let me know.
    It would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks
  2. Drew5233

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    Hello - do you know what the citation for the DFM was?
  3. dbf

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    Hi Philippa
    I wish you luck on your quest but would suggest one small edit to the title: Seeking rather than Lost. The way you've worded the thread title might worry the current owner, because "lost" property is not the same as something which has been sold.

    It may be lost to the family, but this medal no matter how dear to you and yours, was probably purchased by someone in good faith, and has possibly even exchanged hands a few times. It has been known for collectors to sell back medals at cost to them or even donate free of charge to the family, but you have not indicated your intentions either should the current owner come forward. Neither have you stated when it was sold and where. This might also help those who might be able to keep a look out for it.

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  4. kopite

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    Try this link on the Token Publishing Website. It's a medal tracking submission form for people looking for a specific medal. There is a nominal fee of £5.

    You can also do a search of the medals they have already listed. Good luck in your search.
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  5. Mr Jinks

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    Is this your guy?

    Spink and Sons 20th November 2008 A Second War Lancaster Flight Engineer's D.F.M. to 'Battle of Berlin' Veteran Sergeant J.C. Thompson, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Who Flew in 26 Operational Sorties with 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron, 10 of Which Were Over The German Capital
    Distinguished Flying Medal, G.VI.R. (1393914 Sgt. J.C. Thompson R.A.F.), very fine D.F.M. London Gazette 30.6.1944 Thompson, John Charles, 1393914 Sergeant, No. 44 Sqn.
    1393914 Sergeant John Charles Thompson, D.F.M., served during the Second World War as a Sergeant (Flight Engineer) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve; he served with 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron (Lancasters), Dunholme Lodge, Lincolnshire; he flew in 26 operational sorties with the Squadron between August 1943-March 1944, including: Nuremburg (2); Milan; Leverkusen; Hanover; Stuttgart (3); Berlin (10), eight of these raids were in succession for Thompson''s crew as part of Bomber Command''s ''Battle of Berlin'', 18/19 November 1943-31st March 1944, two of which Thompson''s crew undertook on consecutive nights (27th and 28th January 1944); on the 15/16 February raid to Berlin 891 aircraft (561 Lancasters, 314 Halifaxes, 16 Mosquitoes) were dispatched -''This was the largest force sent to Berlin and the largest non-1,000 bomber force sent to any target.... The quantity of bombs dropped, 2,642 tons, was also a record'' (The Bomber Command War Diary, refers); Schweinfurt; Frankfurt (2); Ossum and Essen.

    Hopefully its a start but as mentioned before even if you trace the medal the collector may not want to part with it.

    Sorry forgot to add Source is Spinks Catalogue. It sold for £1,700
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  6. Philippa_Spurr

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    Just to say - thanks everyone for your help and encouragement. I've found the medal and purchased it, so it is now back in my family's possession.
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  7. bamboo43

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    Phillippa, That is brilliant news, very well done. It cannot of been too easy to find the medal and then manage to bring it back into the family. I'm impressed.
  8. Recce_Mitch

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    Great news Phillippa, well done.

  9. Tricky Dicky

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    I like threads with a happy ending :D

  10. Harry Ree

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    Missed this successful thread until now.

    Pleasing to hear that the DFM is back with the owner's family.

    As regards collector value,the DFM awarded to OR aircrew is seen as being worth more as the numbers awarded were small in proportion to the equivalent medal,the DFC awarded to commissioned aircrew.

    I see Sgt Thompson featured in 10 of the 16 major raids carried out in the Battle of Berlin between November 1943 and March was described as a battle of attrition in appalling weather.It was finally called off because Bomber Command could sustain the losses of aircrew and aircraft in the 5 months of the campaign.

    Harris at the time had the vision of "We can wreck Berlin from end to end if the USAAF will come in on it.It will cost us between 400 and 500 aircraft".As it was, it cost No 44 Squadron 2/3rds of its aircrew and aircraft over those 16 major raids on Berlin.

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