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Discussion in 'Weapons, Technology & Equipment' started by coldstreamer20, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. coldstreamer20

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    Hi Pals, Just acquired a WW2 army commando grouping with a f/s dagger,also included is a marlin spike for tying/untying knots, simple question would the marlin spike also be used as a weapon? Thanks, regards Paul
  2. hutt

    hutt Member

    I'm just looking at the one I had as a Sea Scout in the 70's. I guess you could certainly use it as a 'weapon' and I am sure I could inflict considerable damage with it if used as such even tho the nose is slightly blunted. I think the bigger issue is the other end is a loop of flattened steel and would be pretty uncomfortable if pushed with any force.
    Use as a weapon, perhaps, as a weapon of choice if something more appropriate was available, no.
  3. AB64

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    I'd agree that as a desperate last resort it could be used, but its not something you would be taught and I can't see any kind of premeditation to carry/use it as a weapon - Commandos were already taught to use helmets, boots and bare hands etc as weapons
  4. coldstreamer20

    coldstreamer20 Junior Member

    Hi hutt and AB64, Many thanks for the quick and informative replies, regards Paul

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