Markings and Insignia for Armour in the BEF

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    scout carrier 15th 19th hussars (2).jpg
    I noticed the iron raised fence, grave stones and street lamps on the left in this picture might be the grave yard of Sint Gertrudiskerk in Ternat, (Ternath). The 2 Troop A Squadron 15/19 KRH passed through Ternat on the afternoon of May 18 when retreating to the Dendre bridge at Liedekerke. According to accounts, WDs, they lost or abandoned 2 of their three scout carriers during an engagement in the Steenstraat/Ternat area.

    I was wondering if anyone had another or better scan of this carrier. Or had spotted it. Looks like a 3 ID sign on the mudguard but I don't see the A Squadron lions head.

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    Salut Cedric

    See post #606 by JERICHO in this thread.
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    The Lion's head wasn't limited to A Squadron. "Bastion" a carrier from B Sqn bore it too.
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    I would definitely be interested to see this picture. Have not seen any non A Squadron 15/19 KRH AFVs with the lions head. Can you post the picture of it or PM to me. Thanks.
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    2 troop a squadron.png

    Ahh yes this one. This is from the British Pathe video With the BEF in Belgium 1940. If you watch the video closely at about 30 seconds in you can see a triangle and a 2 on the right side of the command scout carrier, denoting 2 Troop A Squadron. I believe the name is ACTION and not Bastion.

    There is another well known picture of this scout.

    2 Troop A Sqd.jpg
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    Good eyes, I stand corrected

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