Markings and Insignia for Armour in the BEF

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  1. morrisc8

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    3 photos that were on epay any ID to where they were knocked out RMY ? hope to ID this when i get it and RMY 12 . RMY 1940.jpg 1940 carrier tank.jpg carrier RMY 12 1940.jpg
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    Keith, RMY 9 has also been photographed after it had stopped burning and appears (from a signpost in the other view) to be close to Boezinge. Unfortunately, no formation sign visible but it does have quite a distinctive form of signwriting on the AoS plate.

    RMY 9 (Bren (17).jpg
    RMY 9 (poss) Bren 17.jpg

    We've seen this style of plate before on HMH 183 and a Bedford captioned by ECPAD as Bethune.

    BEF Vehicle Arm of Service Markings (GHQ and others)
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    Thanks Rich.
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  5. Trooper Martin

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    Hello gents, I've been collecting photos of A10 Cruisers of 1st Armd in France 1940, I would like to see as many as you can provide. Cheers
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    Hi Nik,
    Thanks for the reply, I have this excellent book and the A9/A10 book released by Tank Power, Both are great reference but are still incomplete for A10 registration numbers sent to France, I've just re-read the war diary's of the 6 Regiments of the 2nd and 3rd Armoured Brigades in France and unfortunately they are missing crucial details too, In most cases A9's A10's and A13's MkI, II and IIA are simply refereed to as Cruisers without distinguishing the type. With the exception of 5RTR the other 5 Regiments didn't record A10 registration numbers serving in Brigade or Regiment HQ. I'm making a BEF Cruiser Tank Mk II in 1/35 scale for a magazine article and I came to the conclusion that I'd have to collect as many photos as possible to decide the Regiment and vehicle I was going to depict. This is the collection of digital photos I've found to date.
    9th Lancers.jpg 1_Armd_Div.jpg A10 Cruiser MkII after dunkirk.jpg Beute_Panzer_Cruiser_A10_Tank_T_5921_France_1940 (1).jpg British_Cruiser_Tank_A10_and_German_troops.jpg camouflaged_A10_Cruiser_tank_of_the_2nd_Armoured_Brigade_at_Foucaucourt_May_1940.jpg CB35150 British Cruiser Tank Mk. II, IIA IIA CS (14) (1).jpg Cruiser tanks French Service.JPG ferrie10.jpg ferrie11.jpg Tank_cruiser_Mk_II_A10.jpg
    If anyone has more I'd love to see them.
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    photo that arrived in the post. info on the back, tank has letters on right side on front TYA3 ?
    1940 tank.jpg tank 1940 back of photo.jpg
  9. Chris C

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    I think that ends in 43. And it looks like it starts with a T. Could it just be the tank's "T number"?
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    Many of these photos depict tanks in enemy hands which seem relatively lightly damaged. I wonder how many were restored to running order and used by the Wehrmacht for training purposes etc? John Tyers.
  11. morrisc8

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    This one was on ebay.
    ww2 tank 1940.jpg
  12. morrisc8

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    Thanks to Dilip Sarkar, he ID the area and battle where a VC was won. The photo was taken at Esquelmes, Belgium, on the morning of 21 May 1940 , The line of trees is the Escaut Canal, just a few hundred metres from the town of Pecq, on the West Bank.

    Original photo from my collection.
    Keith carrier RMY 12.jpg

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    Hi Guys, just seen this photo of the Guy Lizard, and wondered if anyone might know the markings or units these vehicles were issued to? Any information about these vehicles would be really helpful, as I am building a kit of one at the moment, used by the BEF.

    Colonel Durnford.
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    Which post number is it in ?
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    Sorry Rich, it is amongst post 27.
  16. Colonel Durnford

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    Or should I say, on page 27.
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  18. Colonel Durnford

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    Hi guys, do you think that the Guy Lizard is painted in monotone Khaki Green no3?

    Colonel Durnford.
  19. Rich Payne

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    I'm sorry but I know nothing about them. I've never seen any mention of them with the BEF, not have I seen photographs (which means nothing of course). The BEF hadn't really envisaged the sort of mobile campaign that would require such vehicles. The 'WD' prefix is unusual. The style appears on some Vickers light tanks that seem to have been in reserve / BOD stock.

    It would be reasonable to assume that any WD vehicle delivered between mid-1939 and late 1941 would have been in Khaki Green No.3, ex-works.
  20. Colonel Durnford

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    Hi Rich, thanks for your reply. Any information is really helpful, cheers chum.

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