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    hello everyone I am new on this site
    I am researching my father's past during ww2 834045 gnr H Rainer who served on dems from 1940 to 1945
    I know it is hard to get any records (re ships etc) but my mother (died 2005) told me he had been torpedoed twice whilst
    serving on dems, also my mother had a dems certificate that my father received on demob which has since disappeared,
    does anyone know where I can get a copy of this?
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    Welcome to the forum, I've moved your thread from where it was to the Royal Artillery section of the forum.
    Good Luck with your research.
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    His attestation dating from 1933. He re-enlists in the 4/5 Buffs (TA) on the 13/10/1937.

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  4. Hi blackberry8,
    It's nearly two years since you posted this so you've maybe had some success in your research in the meantime. However, I'm assuming your mother was referring to the attached. I obviously don't have the demob certificate with your fathers name on it but I'm attaching my father's one so at least you'll know what you are looking for. Researching a DEMS gunner's war experiences is difficult unless you know the name of at least one of his ships. You can then get the Crew List from the National Archives. It usually records "previous ship" against every crew member.

    Best of luck !


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  5. Hugh MacLean

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    I know it is an old thread and that MRA gunners are difficult to research but was doing some research today on other gunners and looked into this one again.
    I hope you come back and check this out blackberry :)
    I have found Harold Rainer serving as deck hand (gunner) in 1943 aboard ALETO in 1943, ATHELCHIEF in 1943/44 and EMPIRE GANNET in 1944.
    Threads are never dead around here :) Anyway I can advise you how to find out more if you ever find your way back here.

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