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    There is a maple leaf cloth insignia in my Dad's souvenir box that I can't identify. It was on his uniform from Le Régiment de Hull while he was at Nawton UK in '44

    2020-10-19 23_17_42-2020_10_19_23_16_48_Photos - Paint.png

    2020-10-19 23_15_23-Photos.jpg .

    Do you know what it is ? Thank you!
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    This was the patch of the Canadian Military to more examples

    On arrival in England the Regiment became a “training unit” (4th Training Battalion) and a “reinforcement unit” and wore the Patch as one of CMHQ units. Link below shows examples of the various units and type of patch’s CMHQ units wore

    First Canadian Corps Formation Insignia - Uniforms

    On 26 September 1939, the Minister of National Defence authorized the creation of a Canadian Military Headquarters (CMHQ) overseas. This headquarters held responsibility for coordinating the arrival, quartering, completing equipment requirements, and training of Canadian Active Service Force units and formations and to command and administer these units and formations in the United Kingdom and at base in the theatre of operations. In addition, the headquarters had an important liaison role, particularly liaison with the War Office and with the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Canadian Forces in the theatre of operations, as well as furnishing information to the Canadian High Commissioner in London.


    1. Law, Clive M. Distinguishing Patches: Formation Patches of the Canadian Army (2nd Ed.) Service Publications, Ottawa, ON, 2008 ISBN 978-1-894581-50-9
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    Thank you so much !

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