Major-General John Meridith Rockingham, CB, CBE, DSO,ED, CD

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    Continuing the profiles of some outstanding Canadian senior officers, I offer "Rocky" Rockingham.
    (24 August 1911 – 7 July 1987).

    They called him “Rocky” and he built himself a reputation for personal bravery, and tough and sometimes unconventional leadership. He was a good tactician, had an unerring eye for detail and a hatred of red tape.

    He joined the Canadian Scottish reserve in Victoria, B.C., in 1933—to play rugby. He had arrived from his native Australia only three years earlier. Out of uniform in the depression years, he was just another man on the pole line cutting brush and digging post holes. He had tried unsuccessfully to get started as a sheep farmer.

    Like so many other volunteer Canadian officers with talent and ability, the war brought a swift rise in rank. On September 1, 1939, when the Canadian Scottish went active, he was a lieutenant. By 1943 he was a lieut.-colonel in command of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. One month after going into action he had a D.S.O. on his chest and command of 9 Brigade—the Highland Brigade of the Third Canadian Infantry Division.

    In 1950 he was recalled to active service to to lead the brigade which Canada had placed at the disposal of the United Nations in the Korean War. Known as the “Special Force” it consists of three regiments—the Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry, the Royal Canadian Regiment and the Royal 22nd Regiment. Together with supporting arms and reinforcements it had a strength of almost 10,000 men.


    ROCKY | Maclean's | February 1, 1951

    Rockingham, John Meredith "Rocky" -

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