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    I have been informed that Major Denis Edward Arnold MC, sadly passed away on the 14th January after a short and unexpected illness.

    Denis was one of the few Burma veterans that still frequented the Remembrance Day and Chindit Old Comrades annual dinner gatherings and he will be greatly missed at these events in the future.

    He was part of the 7th Battalion of the Nigeria Regiment that formed part of the 3rd West African Brigade during the second Chindit Operation in 1944. His original regiment was the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

    Denis was awarded the Military Cross in June 1944 for his inspirational leadership of his West African soldiers. The award was gazetted in August the same year.

    His recommendation reads:

    On 1 June 1944 this officer was leading his platoon on patrol along a narrow ridge path just north of the Kyusanlai Pass, following up a Jap phone cable, when the tops of Jap bivouacs were seen just ahead on a steep knoll on the ridge. Lieut. Arnold quietly deployed his sections to right and left to stalk the position from the flanks. When this movement had developed sufficiently, he himself continued straight up the path with 2 or 3 men until within 5 yards of a Jap automatic covering the path.

    The enemy were not keeping a good lookout and could be seen sitting about. Lieut. Arnold then gave the signal for the assault by shooting three of the gun numbers in succession before a fourth sprang up out of the trench unseen and fired the automatic. The sections closed to within a few yards of the enemy and shot and grenaded many before they were fully aroused. However, owing to the steep going and thick undergrowth the attack could not be pressed home.

    The enemy showered grenades down the slopes and brought 4 automatics to bear. Lieut. Arnold accordingly withdrew, fighting off a Jap section which had been following him up behind. He then bombarded the position with observed rifle grenade fire. Enemy casualties were estimated at 14 killed and as many wounded and our own casualties were one killed and one wounded.

    The next morning touch was regained with the enemy who had moved out of his post and an inconclusive engagement followed at close quarters from which the enemy withdrew. On following up, the enemy defended position was found to be evacuated under cover of the morning's engagement. It is clear that the rough handling he had received the day before caused the enemy to evacuate a key position on the main ridge close to the pass and overlooking Nammun and from which it would have been exceeding difficult to eject him.

    On a previous occasion at Mawlu on 18 April '44, this Officer distinguished himself by his daring and inspiring leadership in a very nasty mopping up operation when he personally came to grips with an automatic in a somewhat similar manner as on this occasion.

    Attached is a photograph of Denis (seen far left) with his fellow officers at Ibadan, Nigeria in 1943.

    Ibadan 1943 far left.jpeg
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    :poppy: Major Denis Edward Arnold MC, RIP :poppy:

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    good daybamboo43.very senior member.yesterday.08:23 denis edward arnold mc.may he rest in peace,regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:
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    Reference: WO 373/33/243
    Name :Arnold, Denis Edward
    Service No:240280
    Regiment:7 Battalion The Nigeria Regiment
    Theatre of Combat or Operation:Burma
    Award:Military Cross
    Date of announcement in London Gazette:31 August 1944

    Attached Files:

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    Thanks for that addition Paul.

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