Major 145155 Patrick John Mulqueen, Lancashire Fus - Bari Cemetery

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    Any good?

    Maj Patrick John Mulqueen (1918 - 1944) - Find A Grave Memorial



    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Patrick Mullqueen
    Given Initials: P J
    Rank: Major
    Death Date: 30 Apr 1944
    Number: 145155
    Birth Place: Essex
    Residence: Liverpool
    Branch at Enlistment: Infantry
    Theatre of War: Italy
    Regiment at Death: Lancashire Fusiliers
    Branch at Death: Infantry
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    I suspect that he was badly injured whilst 2 Lancs Fus were in the line up on Snakeshead Ridge at Cassino in Apr 44, was evacuated through the medical system and died at a Gen Hospital in Bari.

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    Chaps, I've a funny feeling something could not be cricket here! I'm only going off the The History of the Lancashire Fusiliers 39-45 by
    John Hallam. I've checked Chapter 9, pages 82 through till 93. Cassino and the Liri Valley ( The 2nd Battalion) & there is no mention of Major P.J. Mulqueen. I've even had a butchers at the Appendix & the Index pages but no joy..

    Frank, I did clock a name.. Capt. F. Majdalany, 2 LF who was awarded the MC.. Would this be the same chap who wrote the book,
    CASSINO PORTRAIT OF A BATTLE? He does mention that he fought in North Africa, Sicily and Italy in the rear sleeve of the book.
    Another point, I'm finding it some what strange that a Major has not got a gong that they normally get ( & I'm not taking the rise out of Officers here). I'm thinking the diaries are required.. Just to add, the only other battalion was the 11 LF that fought in Italy.

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    Thank you all very much
    Tricky Dicky you are a star :D

    Any further info or developments would be welcomed.
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    The answer is on the CWGC , see the Grave Concentration Report.
    He was Attached to HQ 52 Area & previously buried at Taranto.

    Looking for war diaries there are lots for if you search ''52 area'' at TNA War Diary Search Engine -

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    12 Lonsdale Road ,Formby U.D., Lancashire
    Agnes M Mulqueen 12 Aug 1882 Trained Nurse
    ~??? ~??? 22 Dec 1882 Clerk Customs & Excise

    There are two hidden entries - one is presumably Patrick.

    Lancashire Marriage indexes for the years: 1941
    MULQUEEN Patrick J
    South Sefton Register Office or Registrar Attended
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    Liverpool Evening Express 6th January 1941
    Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 12.03.04.png
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    Brilliant stuff much appreciated :D

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