M1500000-M1599990 census numbers, history and photos

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    First post for me. Long time WW2 history nut and military vehicle enthusiast. I recently discovered that the Jeep I have owned for a few years was a British service jeep (as I always hoped it would be), and when I started digging I found that it was one of the M15xxxxx number rebuilds.

    I know several other owners of M15 numbered vehicles, but we are all having a real hard time finding out much about the system itself. Several books list the numbers as wartime rebuild numbers, though none give any proof or indication as to when they begun or how they were allocated. I have several photos of M15 vehicles, such as Jeeps and Tilly's, but all are either postwar or I cannot confirm the date. One book says they were allocated in blocks, suggesting they were not issued numerically.

    One person found a M1550911 jeep, that was built in 41, the keycard supplied from RLC listed it's M code rebuild as December '45. But that is one card, that I haven't seen with my own eyes.

    Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? I have loads of references books and can find nothing of use. Any information is useful, from written references to photos of M15 vehicles. Anything at all.

    For reference, my vehicle is a '44 Willys MB, census number M1502620. Later ERM ('49 onwards plate) was 48YJ27.
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    Hi M15xxxx are rebuilt dos,
    I found jeeps came under XX YH XX, & XX YJ XX.
    As I was passing.
    you can go to the RLC web sit and do a vehicle search under 48YJ27 and buy the key card this will have about 16 others jeeps on it, and you may get a second key card that has a rebuilt no. on. it cost 35 pounds.(instant response)
    you can do a chassis no. search for 10 pounds, and waiteeeeeeeeeeeee.

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