Luftwaffe Drilling 'Survival' Shotgun/Rifle

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  2. von Poop

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    Gun Jesus has a look at one:

    Find myself wondering if there are any accounts of actual survival use, or what the official policy on issue & aircraft stowage was.
    My image of 1940s pilots makes me feel these nicely made under/overs would more likely be spirited off for sporting purposes...
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  3. canuck

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    That is indeed an interesting weapon with a great deal of utility. Wouldn't mind owning one myself.
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  4. ozzy16

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    goring2.jpg goring.jpg Also used for big game hunting, Goering was said to be a hunter.

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  5. Harry Ree

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    One of Goering's favourite pastimes was hunting.He was entranced by the thrill and pleasure of the hunt.I would think that there is ample photographic evidence showing Goering at various locations in Germany socialising with hunting parties.

    After the defeat of the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain,he went missing for 3 months for hunting.What would you expect from a man who appointed himself as the Reichjaegermeister......the Hunting Master of the Reich.

    I suppose he celebrated many a kill with a tot of Jagermeifter.
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  6. ozzy16

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    A devastating weapon at close quarters.

  7. alieneyes

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    Some years ago I had occasion to be in contact with the grandson, and family historian, of the late F/O Herbert Montague "Monty" Robertson, DFC. Although Canadian, Monty had enlisted in the RAF in 1937 and is recognized as the first Canadian to bomb Germany in 1939.

    In December of 1943, he and his No. 101 Squadron crew were shot down over Berlin and he found himself at Stalag Luft 1, Barth, where the SBO assigned him to be the camp diarist. There are several entries which have Monty and some other Canadian POWs being invited to one of Goering's hunting cabins where they were given all the venison they wanted and plenty to take back.

    Nothing was said about any firearms but I'd bet there were none kept too close to the POWs.
  8. canuck

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    Just before Colt closed down production of civilian weapons the RAF bought 100 Peacemakers in .357 magnum. They were issued to ferry pilots in flying from West Africa to the Middle East.

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  9. Dave55

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    If those things have RAF markings on them I imagine they would be just about the most valuable collectables ever.
    .357 Peacemakers are rare enough without any military provenance, yet alone RAF. So great.
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  10. canuck

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    They are apparently referred to as the "Battle of Britain" revolvers (purchased on June 18, 1940) and depending on the condition are worth between $16,000 - $25,000 US.
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  11. Dave55

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  12. canuck

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    Can't buy that piece without the matching hat and boots!
  13. Dave55

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    Well ....okay, but I draw the line at the chaps!
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