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Discussion in 'Canadian' started by Herman Sligman, May 13, 2022.

  1. Good afternoon,
    Found a personal belonging in an old house. The only identification is L/7222.
    Must be a soldier from Military District 12 (Saskatchewan)
    I gladly will sent it to Canada if there are any relatives who are interested in it.
    But: how can I figure out what familyname is hidden behind L/7222.
    Best Regards
    Herman Sligman
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  3. Thanks for info.
    I'll try.

    All the best.
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    In a short history of Saskatchewan is this:
    Link: The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | Details

    There is no post-WW1 entry for the district later, so I assume it remained valid in WW2. You may have already researched this.

    Going on this information your number is very early:
    From: Enlistment and Training - Memoirs of Gordie Bannerman - Second World War - Diaries, Letters, and Stories - Remembering those who served - Remembrance - Veterans Affairs Canada

    Supported by one four digit service number for a sub-unit for Saskatchewan: http://www.canadiankangaroos.ca/Site/1CACR_Nominal_Roll_files/L_Table.htm

    Checked the CWGC site with him being Canadian and the service number with or without L, no trace that he died in service.
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    As communicated to Herman offline, L7222 indicates initial enlistment in 1st Corps Ammunition Park, RCASC.
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  6. Thanks from here.

    I'll continue my search.

    Best Regards

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