Looking for information on my Dads time in the Royal Corps of Signals

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    Hi and thank you for accepting me into your domain.

    I am looking for any information regarding Charles Edward Brady who enlisted into the Royal Signals in Londonderry in I believe 1937, he was posted to India before the Second world war, returning back to England prior to being sent to France in the B.E.F and then surviving Dunkirk to go onto the North African, Sicily and Italian campaigns, I have a photo at home with him and fellow soldiers with the caption 82nd construction unit, Royal Signals looks like maybe North Africa or possibly Italy due to the uniform they are wearing.
    any help in finding information would be much appreciated
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    Just an update on the mistake I made :( it should be the 83 construction section
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    You need his Service Record.

    There is a thread on here that tells you how to do this.


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    Thanks Frank

    Will have a look into this
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    I now have my dads service number
    Army Service number 2324344 enlisted on 25/09/1935 in Londonderry into the Royal Corp of Signal
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    I wonder if any of you kind and helpful peoples out there could provide some information on my late fathers time in the Royal Corps of Signals?

    His army service number was 2324344 and he enlisted in Londonderry on 25/09/1935 when he was 17 years of age (he lied about his date of birth by 1 year)

    I have some brief information about where he served, but would like to know which army regiments he may of been attached too and if there is any information with regards to war diaries etc where he may of seen action?

    He was posted to India before the beginning of WW2 and then to France with the BEF force before luckily returning via Dunkirk to England, where he married my mother in May 1942 whilst stationed/billeted in the town of Middlesbrough in the North East of England. He then I believe was posted to North Africa and served there, then onto Sicily and Italy where he remained until war ended and returned back home in 1946 but I have no valid details of these postings.

    like a lot of returning soldiers he never mentioned or talked about the war only about how he was educated and trained and by learning a trade as a linesman/signalman he then became employed by the General post office latterly British Telecom where he worked until retirement in the early 1980's

    any information that anyone can furnish me with would be much appreciated.
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    you need to apply for his service records Get a copy of military service records

    then you will be able to order the war diaries
    A couple of forum members offer a copy service from Kew at a reasonable rate..

    you wont find his service records on the internet so please dont pay a site that offers such you will be conned.

    best not to double up on threads it causes confusion 83 Construction Section, Royal Corps of Signals?

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    Hi Clive,
    Thanks for the information you mentioned that some members of the forum offer a copy service I would like to contact one of these to obtain the copies of War diaries that relate to my dads service

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    Ask Lee PsyWar.Org or Andy Drew5233
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