Looking for information about 11005766 Rifleman Thomas William ROBINSON, 2 RUR: 30/11/1944

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    We're looking for more information about Rifleman Thomas William Robinson, Regimental Number 11005766, served with the Royal Ulster Rifles 2nd Bn and died November 30th 1944, age 32, killed in action in the Netherlands. Thomas William Robinson was the son of Louisa Robinson of Paddington, London. He is buried @ Venray War Cemetery in the Netherlands. Any information is welcome about William John like War Diaries, Personal Information, Photos or Relatives whome may be contacted. This research is in purpose of making a commemoration book with all kind of information about the Soldiers who are buried in Venray War Cemetery later on.

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    11005766 Gnr. Thomas William Robinson enlisted 05.02.1942 Royal Artillery
    No tracer card

    11005766 Gnr. Thomas William Robinson transferred to R.U.R. 15.12.1943
    Royal Artillery attestations 1883-1942

    11005766 Rfn. Thomas William Robinson 2nd Bn. R.U.R. K.I.A. 30.11.1944

    Killed in Blitterswijk-Mierlo area.

    The action is described in the book:

    'The Rifles Are There' 1st and 2nd Battalions, The Royal Ulster Rifles in the Second World War
    by David Orr, David Truesdale

    on pages 78-82.

    11005766 Rfn. Thomas William Robinson is not mentioned.

    He does however, appear to have been serving in 'C' Company.

    The following soldiers of the 2nd Bn. Royal Ulster Rifles died in the same action as above and are also buried at Venray War Cemetery.
    The soldiers were all originally buried in Mierlo, Netherlands, before reburial at Venray War Cemetery.

    14706469 Rfn. Harold John Banton
    6921567 Rfn. Kenneth Herbert Edwin Capell
    14730903 Rfn. James Martin Dick
    3781053 Rfn. John James Gale
    3778633 Rfn. William Fred Grindrod
    7015663 L/Cpl. Ernest Frederick Norman
    1772964 L/Cpl. Joseph Robinson
    1628989 L/Cpl. Patrick Gerald Sutton
    7020434 L/Cpl. Richard Stewart
    7022501 Rfn. George Williamson

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    Great David, thanks for this information.

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