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  1. Seek information surrounding the following Netherlands gentleman buried in Pembrokeshire ;
    ++ Off. VL. JE. KL. K.M. Edward Wartare. Koninkrijk Der Nederlanden 21-3-1904 ~ 26-7-1940, appears to have died off St Govans Head close by my abode.
    ++ Seaman Jan Johannes Cornelis de Witte, believe of Netherlands extraction. Reports in April of 1941 indicate he was buried in the grounds of St David’s Catherdral, after his body was found washed ashore on Ramsey Island, but I have not found a headstone. The burial service was carried out by Cannon Owen. I do have an unknown sailor found on White Sands beach buried at St David’s Cemetery 10 Jul 1941. Doubtful, but could they be one and the same?
    ++ William Van Der Hoeven Believed of Netherlands extraction, headstone reads Geyallen in Dienst Van Zijn vaderland OP 27 Januari 1941.

    Diolch en Fawr
    Owen Ap Benfro
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    Hi Owen

    His name was Edward Martare. His rank was Off. VI. 1e Klas

    From RAF Coastal Command Losses Vol 1

    Fokker T-VIIIW

    Ex R-10. Convoy escort. Hit the water near a convoy in the Irish Sea at 12:15 hrs. A message was received that the a/c had left the convoy at 12.10 hrs at position 51 35N 05 31W, its PLE. Coast guard watch reported an unknown object drifting at sea, about 7 miles south south east of St.Govans Head and some ships nearby. A Lerwick took off 15:15 hrs, headed for St.Govans Head and from there set course for a south east direction. At about 13 ' east south east of St.Govans Head the fishing boat 'King Edward' was sighted which was towing the wreckage of AV964. The Dutch vessel 'S.S. Prima' delivered two dead bodies at Cardiff. Both Off. Martare and Kpl Ras rest in Llanion Cemetery, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire.

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    Both De Witte and Van der Hoeven served with the Dutch Merchant Navy and died on board S.S. Beemsterdijk on 27 January 1941 (St. George's Channel).

    Jan Johannes Cornelis De Witte was born on 26.01.1887 in Rotterdam. He was a stoker by trade. According to the Dutch Wargraves Foundation (OGS) database he was buried in Mill Hill Cemetery in London, grave No. A/12/07.

    Willem Van der Hoeven was born on 01.04.1887 at Heinenoord. He was a steward by trade. According to the OGS database he was buried in St. Davids Cathedral Cemetery, Goodwick St. Davids, Pembrokeshire. His name is commemorated in the OGS memorial register (volume No. 42), hence I take it his grave is now lost.

    As De Witte apparently was re-interred in London it is obvious that he has no Pembrokeshire headstone. As Van der Hoeven according to the OGS database has no known grave, his Pembrokeshire headstone may be of a memorial type.
    "Gevallen in dienst van zijn vaderland" translates into "Fell whilst serving his country".

  4. Both De Witte and Van der Hoeven served with the Dutch Merchant Navy etc.............. Squire
    Thankyou for your research, very sorry about my ‘typo’,
    ++ As you say it was Edward Matare and is one of over 900 service or ex service headstones I have jpeg’d from Llanion Cemetery here in P.D.
    ++ Jan de Witte was buried in the grounds of St David’s Cathedral, by the late Cannon T. Owen of St David’s, he like a number of other nationalities that where also buried here in Pembrokeshire but where later re-interred elsewhere.
    ++ Willem Van Der Hoeven was buried in St David’s cemetery, his is another of the over 3,000 in total jpeg’d headstones I have found from visiting over 80% of the churchyards, chapelyards and cemeteries of Pembrokeshire.
    ++ Your efforts clearly confirm my doubts over the unknown being related to Jan, so my thanks again for that, unfortunately this gentleman must remain forever unknown.

    Could I please call again on your expertise to supply any information on ;
    ++ Lucas Saldmons aged 24 yrs, one of 2 dutchmen (2nd is currently unknown) who died by drowning when the ship (name unknown) owned by the Netherlands Shipping Cpy foundered. Also killed was a british unnamed gunner. Lucas is one of over 2,200 references to service deaths related to Pembrokeshire for which I have not yet found their final resting place.

    Tks again for your assistance.
    Owen Ap Benfrpo
    Pembrokeshire world wide related military headstones 1722 to 2008
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    No worries Owen; I only edited my own typo in the date of birth of Willem Van der Hoeven. Reference Lucas Saldmons:

    Lukas Salomons, Seaman Merchant Navy, born 15 December 1919 at Gasselternyeveen, province of Drenthe, Netherlands. Died in Milford Haven - Pembrokeshire 18 December 1943. Milford Haven Cemetery Grave No. E/485. Also commemorated on the Mill Hill Cemetery London memorial, panel No. 2.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Lukas Salomons, ..............Milford Haven Cemetery Grave No. E/485. Squire

    How embrassing, not only do I have him elsewhere in my database, but also have a jpeg of his headstone. however his date of death is new also his London memorial, so many thanks for that.
    Oriel Ap Benfro

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