Looking for help: 5388494 Joseph Patrick McGUILE, 10HLI

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    Hi, I am trying to find info on my Dad's time in the war. His name is Joseph Patrick McGuile, no 5388494, and he served in the 10th battalion Highland Light Infantry. He was injured, I think, between 30th July and 8th August 1944, in Normandy. I looked him up today on forces records, but the casualty list (1546 WO417/81) had him down as wounded on 24th Sept, but we still have the telegram dated August 1944, so that's incorrect. Would his war records give me those details? Are there any particular sites which would help, or would anyone have any other info/photos of HLI?

    Many thanks
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    As previously mentioned, the ONLY place you can get his full service records is above from the MOD. (Forces records cannot supply these or any other pay-per-view sites)
    It's great that you have his service number which will make his records easier to find, but be prepared for a bit of a wait as it is taking longer than 3-4 weeks due to Covid19.

    Hopefully some members may come along to help more about the HLI. Good luck with your research.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    FWR have transcripts of the casualty lists. The actual documents are on the Findmypast site.

    Having said that only a small proportion of information about individual WW2 servicemen is available online - either for free or via a paid for site - and all of it is only a snapshot of what he did or was done to him on a particular day.

    The Service records are not in the public domain and are still held by U.K. MOD. They are the only source of a full documentary history of a man or woman’s whole military/naval or aviation service history and should be the starting point for any research.

    Good Luck



    His Army service number suggests he joined Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry on enlistment/conscription as his Army service number falls within the block allocated to that Regiment - 5373001 - 5429000.
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    Don't trust the site where you obtained the Casualty List info. Here's the actual entry from 1546 and you will see your Dad's entry where the Date of Casualty is marked D.N.R. DNR = Date Not Reported.


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    Thanks so much everyone, all great advice!
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    Hi. 10th HLI liberated my village in september 1944 and did have many casualties during the fighting in The Aart Bridgehead. I have some pictures of 10 HLI but mainly officers...
    You should check this link to read the diary of the unit https://www.15thscottishdivisionwardiaries.co.uk/10-hli
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    Thanks very much, that's a fascinating read. What is the name of your village? We intend to visit the sites next year, and would definitely include your village.
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    it is called Mol, Belgium.
    Always happy to show you around! I'm a local guide and would be honoured to guide you in Mol and Geel. We can also stop at the local military cemeteries.
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    Thanks so much, that would be fantastic! I'll keep you posted.
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